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Please advise


I was diagnosed with underractive thyroid in Feb 2017 since then been taking levothyroxine 50 however, i was feeling unwell and decided to increase the dose to 75 but still feeling unwell after increasing it.

thats the results after taking 1 month lev 75, results from Nov 2017

TSH 0.6 {0.3 - 5.5}

FT4 17.4 {9-25}

FT3 4.2 {3.5-6.5}

I did another tests 4 days ago (I am still taking Lev 75) and results were:

TSH 0.13 {0.3 - 5.5}

FT4 18.1 {9-25}

FT3 4.5 {3.5 - 6.5}

I would like to add that its been 2 weeks and 4 days since I am on just protein and veggie diet (no sugar/coffee/alcohol/gluten/diary) and I am feeling great- i have more energy and I am less depressed.

My only concern is low TSH - i am self medicating haven't got a trusted endocrinologist and not sure what to do in this case?

Shall i drop it to 50 or keep it 75? even though i am feeling great on 75?

The conversion is still pretty rubbish -> FT4 56.88% FT3 33.33% (ft3 should be minimum 70%) but i believe after 1 more month this will change with strict diet.

Not sure if my higher energy levels are symptom of overactive thyroid now or rather a sign of good diet that works well for my thyroid?

I would appreciate honest advice :)

thank you in advance


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It usually takes around 6 weeks for levels to stabilise after a dose increase so your levels could still be rising. Symptoms can take several months to properly reflect your levels. Changes in the endocrine system happen very slowly you risk missing your sweet spot by rushing. Do another test 6 to 8 weeks after your last dose increase and adjust as appropriate. Can you tell us why you are self medicating?

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Thank you for your reply. Its been already 17 weeks since dose increase (i started Lev 75 early October 2017) and checked it in Nov the result was TSH 0.6 and checked again 5 days ago TSH 0.13 so its dropping....

I am self medicating because GP's are useless but i am in the process of looking for a good endco who prescribes NDT and has a holistic approach to it.

Can u recommend a good doctor not far from London?

Many thanks



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