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Help needed for Endo appointment Thursday please!!!!

I've had 10-15 years + of poor health and trying (+failing) to convince GP I was hypo!! In that time I have either been on 25mcg or none at all, GP reluctantly put me back on 25mcg recently, but is leaving it to nhs endo to decide further, but last time I saw endo they didn’t think I have it. My TSH has gone down to 3.4 now and was 5.5 this time last year. TSH range has reduced recently (0.3-4.4) it was 0.5-5.5 last year!! It’s all such a worry!!! Seeing endo this Thursday, I really don’t know what will happen! I have lots of other health issues, seeing thoracic surgeon next week as MRI shows vertebral calcified mass on spine and nodule on lung, to name only two!! Also seeing spinal unit day after for back and hip pain. Endo has been copied into this. End of this month gastroscope and colonoscopy!!

Endo did vitamin D and b12, Ferritin, folate last time in October:

B12 704 (190-800)

Vit D 50 (24-167) taking 3000 D3& K per day since then.

Folate 8.6 (3.0-17.0)

Ferritin 75 (12-300) (117 last September, prior to last endo appointment in October).

TPOab 1300 (0.0-60.0) done by Gp prior to last endo appointment October.

Will ask for them all again Thursday.

Any help with how I can pitch my case to get what I need will be very helpful. Thankyou.

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It doesn't matter that the range for TSH has changed, it's your result and where within that range that counts. However, you have raised antibodies confirming autoimmune thyroiditis (aka Hashimoto's as patients call it) and that is what is causing the fluctuations in your results and symptoms can fluctuate too.

Unfortunately, most doctors don't attach any importance to antibodies and don't realise how it can affect patients.

Here's some information about Hashi's which you might want to read before your endo appointment so that you can discuss it with him. Bear in mind they don't call it Hashi's, they call it autoimmune thyroid disease or autoimmune thyroititis.





And to help reduce antibodies, adopting a strict gluten free diet and supplementing with selenium l-selenomethionine 200mcg daily can help, as can keeping TSH suppressed. Something else which doctors either don't know or don't necessarily agree with.

Gluten/thyroid connection: chriskresser.com/the-gluten...


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