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Hi all, I have ordered NDT for a second time after trying it last year for six months and feeling almost normal for the first time in twenty years. My GP said I could try T3 but then has not got back to me and I am sick of waiting-having waited since October last year. My endocrinologist was happy to ask my GP to prescribe NDT but the practice will not prescribe anything that is not in the pharmaceutical "bible"- so annoying.I need to oredr vitamins etc. Anyhow I am posting to see who in the north would like to meet up to chat and compare experiences etc. I am in South Liverpool and can meet in LIverpool city centre.

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I doubt this would help as they are all afraid of the BTA and their guidelines which have changed slightly re T3. Of course, the NHS is held to ransom by MP (Amdipharm now) as they are the only one with a licence. However GPs can prescribe on a named-patient basis any of the other T3s which are brand names abroad.



Thank you for this-I will show my GP. My son, 13, also takes thyroxine-but I doubt any paediatric endo will prescribe T3. I cannot give any to him either as very risky and could be accused of "overmedicalising" him etc. Very frustrating when he is so fatigued he misses a school day. X

Some hints from Hypothyroidmum:




How is it the doctors didn't realise this young woman was hypo during her pregnancy? I'm stumped.



Jewiemax15, I'm also in South Liverpool! I know there were a couple of people last week in a Bootle direction hoping there was a meet up.

Hi Bottle people will have to sort their location unless they want to meet in Liverpool city centre. Have another follower in South Liverpool so if you can meet at the Childwall Fiveways let me know when is good for you. xx

Bootle, not Bottle!

I'd prefer to meet in the town centre, as Childwall is just as far away as for me!

I think the best thing to do would be to set a date maybe 5 or 6 weeks ahead, and publicise it a little? I know there are a few more Liverpool people as it occasionally gets mentioned in messages.

For me I'm often housebound, so it will be my one outing in to town of the month probably. So I need time to plan and make sure I can make it on the day

Good luck!

Hi I think I can suggest two venues and can meet you and others in town centre, and also meet another small group locally. Will get organised at the week end when my mother in law goes home! X

Bear with me as have come down with a chesty cough and am feeling wiped out. Will get back with suggestions next week about a meet up. X

Did u ever get this meet of the ground?

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