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Needing a higher dose for a short while???

Hi, is it unusual to need a slightly higher dose for only a short while? I ask because I was stabilised for years on 125 mcg and felt good then with underactive symptoms and a blood test showing a tsh of 10.7 had the dose raised to 150 mcg. Now a year or so later am feeling over medicated and like I want to return to the lower dose?????? I thought the need for thyroxine only ever increased?????

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Have you been tested for Hashimoto's i,e, antibodies TPO and TgAb if they are high then you are positive for the disease and you need to get you blood levels checked for Vit B12, Vit D3, iron ferritin and folate. (See my reply in the post above yours)

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No, it's not usual to need a temporary dose increase. If you feel overmedicated ask your GP to do a thyroid test before you adjust your dose.

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I'm sorry that your not feeling well on the 150mcg T4 . I'm wondering why your Dr didn't try first raising you from 125mcg T4 to 137mcg T4 before dosing you with a bigger jump to 150mcg ? Slow and low and run labs before the next increase if needed it . You might want to try 137mcg T4 and see how you feel on that dose . It's an in-between dose that might just work for you .

I hope you feel better soon .


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