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My recent blood test & a question about increasing levo dose

I was on 50 mcg levo for 2 months now. My recent blood test are as follows:

TSH drop from 5.8 to 4.68 ( 0.3-5.5)ulu/ml

FT4 enhanced from 1.1 to 1.3 (0.7-1.8) ng/dl

FT3 2.9 (2-4.4) pg/ml

My Doc increased the levo dose by 50 mcg/week. Explained it as to take 50mcg daily and 1/2 of the tablet (i.e. 25 mcg) one on Monday and the other 1/2 on Thursday.

My question is if I have tablet of 25 mcg that can be broken into 2 halves , would it be better to have half of it daily (i.e. 12.5 mcg).

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Hi - That seems like a very small raise in dosage. I am a fairly new member but I have learned that normally 50 mcg is just a starter dose and you should raise to 75 mcg daily after two or three months especially with your TSH still so high - but see what the other members say. Maybe there is some reason why the doctor is keeping you on a low dose but your TSH level is still high and your T3 low so it sounds like you should be increasing more than the doctor has recommended.

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I agree, that seems like a very tiny increase and I can't see why you shouldn't go up to 75. Unless you feel great on this dose DrHafez?

But if your question is about having a higher dose just twice a week, levo is a storage hormone so it isn't released immediately into the system and raising it twice a week shouldn't have an bad consequences unless you're very sensitive. I alternate 50/100 and I don't feel racy on the days I take 100.

Did I understand the question correctly DrHafez?

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If you take 12.5 mcg daily for 7 days, that works out at 87.5 mcg extra a week. Your doctor prescribed 50 mcg extra a week, so you would be taking more than he prescribed. Would it be better? Probably, yes. But only because it works out at a higher dose, it doesn't matter when you take it.

Personally, as the others have said, i think you should be taking an extra 25 mcg a day, not just twice a week. But I think I've mentioned to you before that your doctor doesn't really seem to know what he's doing. Unless there are other factors that you haven't told us about.

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Thank to all for your valuable replies.. Another question.. My doctor changed the brand for levo from eltroxin to euthyron. Does it make a difference? because I'm not feeling well since switched. Does it takes time for my body to be used to?


In the UK we have three makes of levothyroxine - and we see lots of posts/responses where those who change makes feel a difference. Sometimes these are inconsistent with one person feeling a particular make is weaker, and another person that it is stronger.

Absolutely changing make can have a significant effect and, once happy on a particular dose/make regime, you should stick to it unless you need to change for some positive reason.

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