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Can I reduce my own dose for a week?


Hey all, I was on 50 Mcg of levo for six weeks and my test came back with a tsh of 15 and total t3 of 1.10 and total total t4 of 7 so my doc increase my dose to 75 mcg by the second day I started feeling great but soon started feeling very panicky and anxious short of breath crazy feelings like my eyes popping out and can't concentrate or sleep all this happens over a period of 3 and a half weeks until I had one day chest pain n went to the er they did ekg and chest X-ray everything was good i thought I was going hyper so I stoped taking the levo 75 mcg and got an appointment to see my doc I hadn't taken the levo for 3 days before the blood test so now I got the result and my tsh is 6 and my total t4 is 10.5 idk total t3 cause my doctor didn't test but I'm pretty sure it's better then before for it to give my all those panic attacks I had. I see and endo in a week should I wait or can I take the 50 mcg till then cause I won't take the 75 mcg please help I'm desperate. Never felt this horrible before.. anxiety panic attacks short of breath can't concentrate a lot of nervous energy.. don't wanna do the 75mcg.

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Go back to 50mcg. Give it a week or two and then try 50mcg/75mcg alternate days for a couple of weeks and if you are comfortable then go to 75mcg daily.

It souns like your adrenals need support - anixiety == adrenals - they are trying to compensate for the update in thyroid hormone and can't. I was told by an endo recently at a London hospital that they dont give thyroid hormone without supporting the adrenals - I nearly fell off my chair.............

Adrenal support? I never thougt of it will that be another pill or supplement? I had gone to a phychiatrist last week thinking I was craZy but he dismiss me with some xanax for my anxiety I don't wanna take any ssr type medicine.

I have to take hydrocortisone because I am adrenal insufficient and really that is what the endo was suggesting as I mentioned - but you would find it difficult to get anyone to do that for you unfortunately - so perhaps the other members of the forum can help on the natural alternatives - as I had to go down the 'hard line' route (and the correct one might I add) and wish you were able to do the same - see what the Thyroid UK site is saying too re adrenal support............and there are other things too like vitamin and mineral support - what one doesnt realise is that once you up your metabolic rate then the vits and mins pour out of the body as they are used up much quicker - so you might need to supplement the ones suggested that are needed by the thyroid. Hope this helps.

Adrenals can be helped with these vitamins and minerals for starters (there's some overlap with those good for thyroid). Sorry can't elaborate further at the moment.. but can get back to you if req'd..

Betaine Hcl to help digest meals

Prebiotic inulin fibre at bedtime to help sleep

Magnesium - vital (best taken later in day) and citrate form is popular

P-5-P - also essential (best form of vitamin B6)

B5 - helps hormone regulation

Vitamin D - needs to be moderate to high in ref range.

Lifestyle changes - regular moderate but not heavy exercise such as taking a dog for a walk, or short bike rides, or 30 mins of gardening twice a day... whatever you find relaxing.

Eat main meal around 6pm (at the latest).

Start the day with something like egg or avocado, or fish (no grainy carbs and definitely no milk at breakfast).

Missed out B12... important for anyone with poor digestion due to low thyroid (not just those with diagnosed anaemia).

If you're hypo you should definitely also get bloods done for b12, folate and ferritin...

Blood levels less than 500 can exacerbate symptoms for those with low thyroid / adrenals. In my opinion, the ref range is set too high in the UK with a lower limit that functional doctors would question. Basically, if anyone's levels are so low that they've got macrocytic blood cells then they're probably incredibly ill (may be bedridden with lots of neurological symptoms).

There are b complexes out there that cater for poorly adrenals - so they've got extra pantothenic acid (B5), p-5-p and methylcobalamin (B12). Always take b vitamins in the morning as they do wake you up!

One way of getting more nutrients from your meals is by drinking diluted ascorbic acid (vit c is also v. important) with them, or betaine Hcl (already mentioned).

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