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Has anyone tried D-Ribose

Hello there,

I've been reading a bit about ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I came across this information about how the mitochondria in the cells make energy, and D-Ribose was one of the supplements suggested to help with this process, so I'm going to give it a try.

Has anyone found it's worked/not worked for them?

Thanks :)

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Was also recommended in the fantastic series

Was free to view over this weekend. Probably available on YouTube if you look


Hi Kittenmittens, I've been taking d-ribose for some time, but I really don't have the full complement (15g in 3 x 5g portions) as it is a bit sickly. I tend to have 5-7g mixed with natural yoghurt and preserved fruit for breakfast and occasionally mix 5g with a teasp of cocoa made with hot water later in the day. These are the only palatable ways I can take it.

It's difficult to know if the ribose is making any difference as I take numerous supplements as well. What I can say is that recently I ran out of tabs before Christmas so was without supplementation and ribose for around 3 weeks (bad timing on my part) and a five-day trip to Scotland wiped me out for three weeks. I'm still recovering!

So... it could be argued that the combination of supplements and ribose is making a difference.

I would certainly give it a try. It isn't cheap but 5g actually goes a very long way.

Not sure if that helps or not!

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I love it. Far cheaper in powder form . I buy mine from my protein as they have good discounts if you search for the codes and you can bulld up points.

It’s meant to be in water with or without vit c ( ascorbic acid- also bought from the same supplier)according to the author you mentioned.

I like the taste and can eat it meat even tho I hate sugar.

Definitely a good boost

Good luck

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My son takes it for chronic fatigue, along with supplements for B12, magnesium and coenzyme q 10, and it is a game changer. He mixes it in a bottle of orange squash and sips it throughout the day. A teaspoonful in each bottle x 3 times per day so it lasts all day and is delivered a bit like drip feed. It keeps his energy up and makes such a difference. It makes the squash taste a bit sweeter but not unpleasant.

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