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Is it normal?

Hi everyone, I have a quick question. Is it normal to not see a thyroid specialist when you have an underactive thyroid? I’ve been diagnosed for well over 10 years and apart from a blood test annually at my gps I’ve never seen anyone. Another reason I ask is that my 25 year old daughter was diagnosed at 18 and has a lump in her neck, but has never seen anyone other than the gp?

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"Simple" hypothyroidism is very often regarded as a GP-managed condition. I have never seen anyone other than GP.

If your daughter still has a lump in her neck, I'd want to have that checked. Starting with an ultrasound scan. Also, asking whether her dosing is sensible.

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Thanks helvella I’m gonna get her to see the doctor again with it..... it was more for her than me I was asking. Even when her levels are classed as “normal “ she still has a lump but the gp just dismisses it.

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Unfortunately there are very few thyroid specialists to see :(

However, I'd be very concerned about that goitre. I had thyroid cancer a few years ago, and at every level of testing I was told "We're completely sure this is nothing, but we're sending you for the next test just as a formality", and in the end it did turn out to be cancer!

I don't want to alarm you, as there's probably a 1% chance or something in that range that your daughter's is cancer - that's why so many doctors I saw were sure mine wasn't. But you still need it checked!

I also had 'normal' thyroid results with my goitre.


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