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Is it normal

Been on thyroxine for a few years now ,I was diagnosed with an over active thyroid, l had it zapped with radio iodine, now I'm under, with levothyroxine it seems stable, couple of weeks ago I was prescribed statins, wasn't to happy more tablets, laser week I felt awful ciould have slept through the whole of winter, not only tiered but very low, is the norm, is this something that is going to keep happening,

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If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges members will advise whether you are optimally dosed on Levothyroxine.

If you were prescribed statins because of high cholesterol you should be aware that cholesterol may be high when undermedicated on Levothyroxine and optimally dosing will usually cause cholesterol to drop. Check the statin patient information leaflet and see whether the symptoms you are experiencing are due to statins. Statins can cause unpleasant adverse effects without much benefit unless you have already had a heart attack.


ezetrol is a good alternative for those of us that cannot take or tolerate statins. Ive taken statins and felt seriously ill and had to go to a and e, tried several different types but all made me worse. Ezetrol is for people that cannot take statins and ive had no adverse effects so far on them.


Thanks for the info, it's not very often I get like it, but when it happens I really just can't be asked to do anything, the docs you speak to just seem to brush over it, like people on here say, they make you feel your just looking for a bit pity, sooooo frustrating, few years back I ran swam went to the gym regularly, kept very trim , now I'm sick of people telling me wot a porker I look , been on low carb diets , back in the gym cardio etc , nowt changes, all my dr said to me was welcome to the real world.


I've never taken statins but if you post latest thyroid blood test results along with the lab ranges then people will make suggestions and help you understand what might be happening.


st johns wort is good for low mood ive taken it with levo and had no problems with contraindications. sometimes you have to force yourself to get up but once you break that mindset and are up yourll feel better. The church of England has many life groups that can also help with how you feel. Check out if you have any around by you. Or maybe if you haven't any other commitments you could join a singing group of soft yoga which can dramatically change mood and put our thyroid issues to a lesser consuming position in our lifes.


I’ve heard of awful side-effects from statins - loss of muscle and ability to walk. I’m not on them and refused them when the doc. tried to give them to me (along with the anti-depressants). Dr Kendrick hates statins with a vengeance. (The Great Cholesterol Con) (?)

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