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Adrenal Stress Profile from Genova Diagnostics

I would like to do a saliva adrenal stress profile (Cortisol and DHEA) from Genova Diagnostics. Anyone did that test recently? Any problems/issues I should be aware of before buying? Apparently you cannot send it through mail anymore but have to use APC courier, was that easy to arrange? And finally, should I stop any supplements before the test? Thank you all for help.

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I have done the Genova adrenal test in the past and then it stated 'overnight delivery' and you could either use Royal Mail's Guaranteed Next Day by 1pm Special Delivery service or arrange the courier pick up, it was your choice. You just had to phone the courier, number provided, to arrange pick up from your home.

I actually have a Regenerus adrenal saliva test waiting to do at the moment. I chose Regenerus this time because you get the results emailed direct to you, you don't have to go through ThyroidUK for them.



Thank you SeasideSusie. For some reason I thought only Genova does DHEA with cortisol. I might use Regenerus as well as sample delivery seems easier. Do they provide good instructions with the kit? I cant find any online. Do you also have to freeze the samples as for Genova? Also, I take Bvit iron selenium Dvit Kvit and recently liver support with aminoacids and milk thistle, do you know if any of those would affect the results?


Yes, full instructions included in a separate leaflet and yes, you have to freeze the the samples and they supply a gel freezer pack. It all comes in a small box which has a return label on and you pay the return postage.

They have been excellent at answering my questions and as far as I am aware the only things that will affect the results are hormone supplements you might be taking, eg I am using progesterone cream, and there is a section on the form you return to list them. It also asks you list any medication used in the last two months.

It doesn't specifically mention vitamins and minerals and I'm sure it would say if they made a difference to your test. However, I will leave mine off on the day I collect my samples.


Great. Thank you so much for your excellent advice.


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