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Has anyone done the Genova Diagnostics 24 hour adrenal test?

I'm wondering if anyone else has done this and their experiences? I'm guessing you should freeze the samples overnight since the last sample is taken just before bed, unless you can arrange for a midnight collection? Which I don't want to have to do. :/

The instructions don't say what temperature the saliva smaples should be frozen at so i'm guessing any standard freezer should suffice? The last thing I want is for my samples to degrade and to get a false reading.

Any experiences, problems?

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I froze mine in standard freezer, just followed the instructions. I sent mine back the following morning using the post office next day delivery.


I froze each of mine in my kitchen freezer as soon as I'd taken them. I arranged for the courier company to collect them and left everything in the freezer until the courier arrived. Then I made up the packet, along with the freezer pack thingy they give you and handed it over.


This is what i'm going to do arrange for the courier to collect, so I minimise the transit time hopefully. If it's overnight delivery then they should get it the next morning I assume. Did you put the freezer bag into the biohazard bag or place it into the reflective bag together with the biohazard bag separately? The request form lists the full price with no discount applied, however Thyroid UK is listed as my "practicioner", so I hope I still get the discount.



i'm guessing you have to fill up the tubes to the '2' mark, it said they need 2ml but the tubes don't have units of measurement.

How long did you take between taking the samples out of the freezer and sending? And how did you receive the results?


The results came in the post by hard copy.

I seem to recall my tubes had measurement marks on them.

You need to send straight away after taking out of freezer, asap basically, ie the next morning

I kept mine in a standard freezer.


Thanks, I guess I'll just have to leave it in the freezer until the courier arrives, then tell him to wait whilst I arrange the package. :/


I kept mine in the freezer and then i took them back myself the following morning to Genova, i am lucky enough to live within three miles of them. I then showed my doctor the results as it stated that my one Adrenal gland was exhausted (i had a kidney removed 25 years ago) she ignored it, said there was nothing wrong with me and that i was depressed, i told her i was frustrated with the fact that all my blood tests from Genova as well as the Adrenal test showed that i am Hypothyroid, i have Fybromyalgia, Oseoarthritis, CFS, going bald, Gllaucoma/Sjogrens, Thyroid nodules, post nasal drip, constant cough, sore mouth and tongue with mouth sores. IBS/Constipation. diverticulitis, i feel cold all the time. i get terrible cramps in my body, my arms and legs are so painful, my hands and feet go numb where i am so cold, i have a job swallowing, i have bad candida and GERD (as my gall bladder was removed ten years ago, so yes i am frustrated as i have spent a fortune on private tests, but my doctor does not believe the results and will not treat me, i feel i should end it all, as i have no life feeling like i do. Sorry for the rant.


I've just got one and was thinking I'd put it in the freezer until just before the last post and then send it registered to arrive by 1 the next day. Will ring them up to check this first. Are the results easy to understand?


I found them easy to understand, but there are a lot of lovely helpful people on here who will help you if you post your results on this site. Good luck, God bless.


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