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Dirty Genes summit/epigenetics

If the Broken Brain series or other sources you have you interested in epigenetics, there is a webinar series starting today called Dirty Genes. It's hosted by Ben Lynch of the mthfr.net website. You can register for the series there or try following this link.


I can't vouch for his work or the quality of this audio-only series, but I did just listen to one interview on environmental toxins with Joe Pizzorno. One point he made is how damagine persistent organophosphates are and he did specifically talk about them poisoning the thyroid. Each session is audio only, free for 24 hours and you can easily identify the guests/topics that most interest you.

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Thanks for posting. It should be interesting.


Thanks, shaws. I've listened to a couple of these and am finding it disappointing. I may delete the link. I certainly don't endorse it, but I suppose people can make up their own minds. :)


As you say others may find it of interest and have the option of listenening to it or not. :)

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