Get rid of type one Diabetes

I have a best friend that has type one Diabetes and his had it for years since was 4 years old . And he is slowly dieing I can tell he Is getting skinnier . There was this video we both seen on YouTube from the show The DR'S OR Dr Oz that you can get rid of type 1 DIABETES I think by a some type of testing or Shot ? Is this TRUE ?? We are trying to have a Dr make an Appointment

PLZ live Positive and Important comments only thanks and God blees

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Welcome to the forum, RukiaOrihime1985.

My understanding is that type 1 diabetes is autoimmune and can't be reversed. Your friend may have lost weight dieting but that does not mean his type 1 diabetes is reversed or cured.

This is a thyroid forum. If you want advice on diabetes please contact one of the diabetes fora on HealthUnlocked by clicking on My Communities > +Browse communities and type Diabetes into the search/title box.

Yeah I did that I clicked on the Diabetes one I know this is for the Thyroid page sorry it's my 1st time using this page is do have dyslexia it's have trouble understanding reading some things so if I put it in 5 he wrong page sorry

And I seen a video about what I was talking about on. A show the Dr's but ok thanks for you're feed back

My cousin had type 2 diabetes. She managed it. She had to loss a lot of weight to get a band fitted. And watch what she eat as well and more so now. She managed to loss diabetes all together. But still gets check ups. Because it runs in our family. I'm sorry to say but I've never hord of anyone turning type 1 diabetes into type 2. You will have to try and research or asked the gp. Good luck.

yeah that's sounds like type 2 Diabetes though sweetie My friend is with type 1 taking nothing but Shots yeah he doesn't take care of it right like he should I worry because he is to skinny he is dieing slowly. Sad when someone gives up on there self and is close to death :'( I just don't want to go to no more funerals like almost my whole family died from Diabetes

That's the only problem. If they don't care for them self. Diabetes is the hardest thing. And funeral are not the best thing. But we still go out of respect to that person. Because we care for them.xx

Well, this is Dr. Bergman not Dr. Oz but this man knows everything about anatomy and how the body functions. He also looks at research. I have watched many of his videos and they are exceptional. I have not watched this one since this is a thyroid forum but I'm sure you will get the truth from him.

Thanks so much I appreciate it sweetie heat I will watch the video as soon as I upgrade my data and hotshot in a few days ♡

My sister (20) has type 1 and my mother renal failure. My partner type 2. Feel free to inbox me any questions. Also you might want to join a diabetes page as Endos help with thyroid issues as well as diabetes. Ebony

Thanks sweetie much appreciated ♡ and yes I will

I have two daughters with Type 1 diabetes. There is no cure but there is a vast amount of research being carried out into its causes and better treatment. It is vital with Type 1 that your friend is attending regular appointments with an endocrinologist at his local hospital and that he is keeping his blood sugars within the range set by his doctors. This means he needs to take control of his blood sugar/insulin levels by checking before and after every meal and injecting insulin when needed several times a day. There are two types of insulin - rapid acting (which you should take with every meal, the amount taken is determined by your blood sugar level and what you are about to eat) and a slow releasing underlying insulin (which you take once a day). The slow releasing one called tresiba continuously releases throughout a 24 hour period.

I am very concerned that you think your friend is dying and is losing weight. If he is not controlling his insulin/blood sugar levels daily - he may be in a state of high blood sugars constantly which will cause him to have a build up of ketones in his system. These are toxins and are dangerous - this can cause rapid weight loss and sometimes hair loss. He needs to see his GP asap if this is the case. Prior to my second daughters diagnosis of Type 1 - she lost weight rapidly and her hair statrted to fall out. I took her to GP and after testing her urine he sent us immediately to hospital because her ketones were very high. In intensive care they were able to reduce these back to normal levels (after three days) and started her on regular insulin. It was initially hard for her to come to terms with her diagnosis and the daily routine but - 18 months later she is living a very normal, healthy life and has been able to incorporate her new daily routine into her life. Both daughters are happy and healthy and get regular consults with GP and endocrinologist.

I would say stay clear of anyone who says they have a cure for Type 1 diabetes - all the research I have done (and I've done a lot) is absolutely clear that there is currently no cure. But there have been huge advances in recent years in ways to manage Type 1 which can allow people to live a normal and long life with the disease.

If your friend has Type 2 diabetes - that's completely different to Type 1 and it is curable with treatment and changes to lifestyle.

Ook I see I guess the video I saw was just doctors doing studies and experiments to find a cure for type 1 diabetes because I did see a video talking about cure for diabetes I guess they were just talking about doing studies trying to find. Bit yeah you are right and no he doesn't take care of him self at all not even his blood pressure is always hight and yes he takes 2 different insulin. Thanks so much for putting it in perspective so I can understand I appreciate

Sorry - wish there was a cure - but they'll find it one day - maybe soon, I hope. Please try and get your friend to see a diabetes specialist - if he could find someone he liked - it would make a difference. I wish you luck - it's so hard when someone you care for doesn't want to do the things that might help them. All the best.


There has been some recent coverage in the UK of a trial of a gene therapy that does seem to halt the progress of type 1 diabetes - however it is early days of the studies and there is no guarantee that it would work for everyone as the underlying cause of type 1 diabetes isn't entirely understood - many cases do seem to be genetic but there also seem to be a number of genes involved. It isn't a cure thought.

You might get more response posting on one of the diabetes forums - couple of links for you

haven't noticed any discussion of the work recently on either forum.

Unfortunately if diabetes isn't well controlled it will affect a number of other systems in the body - including kidney function and the cardio-vascular system which could also affect the efficiency with which your friend is able to absorb nutrients from food.

I don't think you can get rid of type 1 diabetes - it's a bit like having congenital hypo - your body just can't make the hormones it needs. You can reverse type 2 diabetes and I've known several people who have.

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