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Travelling abroad & time differences

Hi... I'm going to Thailand this week which is 7 hours ahead... I'm not sure whether I should be taking my levothyroxine at normal UK time (7am here which will be 2pm there) or if it will be ok to take them in morning there (otherwise lasting until 2pm on an empty stomach is going to be difficult 😂). I don't want to risk messing it up but I'm not sure how important the timing is for a couple weeks?? If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated!

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Because levothyroxine has quite a long half life, it doesn’t really matter too much. So I think I’d carry on taking it at 7am in whatever time zone you’re in. :)


Thank you...i have been taking first thing when I wake up as I would at home but obvs Thailand time. I have been having really dizzy spells though, I have no idea if that could be related or maybe just the heat...who knows!!


I think taking levo on an empty stomach is the most important factor.

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Thank you


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