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Taking thyroxine when travelling & on different time zones


I'm currently in maylasia for three weeks, which means I'm 8 hrs ahead. How does this impact on the time I take me dose?

I took my last dose at 2pm (uk time)/10pm (Malay time) as that's what time I had 'breakfast' on the plane.

Should I continue taking g at 10pm Malay time or alter to morning Malay time? I'm quite jet lagged and can't figure it out. Don't want to take to much by mistake as can get hyper easily.

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I have suggested three approaches in the past:

A) Change to 12-hourly dosing (approximately) before travelling - taking half your usual dose each time. Switch to 24-hourly when you are there. And the same in reverse.

B) Keep to home time. Possibly most sensible for short trips.

C) Switch to local time wherever you are.

If you feel a bit over-dosed, cut back a little. If you feel a bit under-dosed, add a little. In either case, don't go mad. For example, dropping from 100 to 50 for one day might be enough. Or adding 25.

Of course, your body is out of kilter with itself. I doubt anyone has ever done good studies on how best to handle timezone changes.

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This is really good info and advice, I will stick with home time and continue taking levo at 10pm Malay time whichis 2pm uk time as I usually take my levo at about 11am uk time so no not to far of my regular time and will see how things go. Thank you :)


Personally I switch immediately to local time, and everything, including medication goes to local time. It all evens out when you come home, in terms of serum levels. The exception is things that you take 3 or four times a day, where you want to keep serum levels up. There you might want to take an extra tablet during the flight home, or fewer during the flight out.

But with levo it hardly makes a great deal of difference, since the half life is so long.


Firstly take any thyroxine on an empty stomach secondly I have always found that taking thyroxine at night more beneficial than in the morning.


Hello Em_Lou

I spent 3 months in Malaysia at the start of the year and took my Levo in the morning (i.e. Local time) as I do in the U.K.

I didn't experience any noticeable effects either out there or when I came back

Enjoy your trip - very jealous!


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