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Has anyone tried Brad Pilon's 'Eat Stop Eat' diet on here with any success? It seems mainly like 5/2 but the difference is you actually fast/don't eat for 24 hours. It doesn't need to be a full day - eg you can do 2pm to 2pm which I think I could deal with fine as I don't ever really eat breakfast so it would merely mean me not eating an evening meal two nights a week which would be doable with my lifestyle.

If anyone has any experience of it, and if it works (I'm hypothyroid, on Levo currently and awaiting latest bloods) I would appreciate your input!

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  • No experience with it. I do need to eat a few times daily but small meals, minimal sugar, no red meat only fish once in a great while. It will be interesting to see other responses.

  • My entire office did it for about six months it's DREADFUL for sensitive or irritable bowel a and everyone falls of the wagon, you're better off cutting your carbs going gluten and dairy free it's quite hard to be fat

  • Fasting if you eat a normal diet with grains and carbs is really hard. I fast occasionally for up to 48 hours, but I am already burning fat because I am on a low carb, high fat diet.

    Read The Complete Guide to Fasting if you want to do it.

  • Hi Bobbie. Yes I came across Eat Stop Eat a few years ago and tried it. I lost a bit of weight and felt fine on it. I used to fast just one day a week. That was before I was diagnosed. I still do intermittent fasting but I do the 16:8 fast. Every day I just eat within an eight hour window - usually between noon and 8pm. I've been eating this way for years now and it works fine for me. I'm on 50mcg levo (only recently diagnosed) and gluten free. I find I can eat what I like (within reason) and have remained at a healthy weight. I was never vastly overweight but was always on one diet or another. I lost about a stone with ease when I first cut out breakfast. I find it much easier to stick to this, rather than Eat Stop Eat because it's now just my daily routine. Why not try Brad Pilon? It might suit you.


  • Fasting is a very good way to manage your food intake, it tallies more closely with how we probably ate. I haven't heard of your chap but if you want to look for some really good info Dr. Jason Fung is your man. He has videos on YouTube and is one of the main people on where you will find really good info on LCHF diet and explanations of fasting and why it's good for you.

  • Yes Dr Jason Fung is super good at thyroid over/under explanations too - check out his you tube videos.

  • Fasting will reduce your metabolism, with UAT metabolism is already on the floor. I'm no expert but surely this would have the opposite reaction to the one you want?

    I have found plenty of protein, veg & healthy fats and minimal carbs works. I also do weight training as this builds muscle which burns calories faster. I'm doing all this with a PT, the weight isn't dropping but I have gone down a dress size in 2 months, purely due to the better diet & exercise.

    No diets will work until you are optimally medicated. I know its really hard but I personally wouldn't mess with my metabolism by fasting.

  • Intermitted fasting does NOT lower your metabolism. Getting too little calories and/or carbs does.

    I was on 8-16 for a couple of years, was feeling really good, lost some weight. I had a break when I moved abroad and got sick - was diagnosed with UAT in the spring, am now on 75 mcg Levothyroxine. As I put on 10 kg in 5 months, I have just started 8-16 again. Plus, I take digestive enzymes with every meal. I'm feeling fine 😉

  • Find this on the net (can't put the link in here, sorry!)

    'How to heal your thyroid by healing your liver' - important information regarding fasting!

    And a link to an article about why carbohydrate restricted diets makes your condition worse!

  • I try to fast between 14 & 16 hours every night (relaxed at weekends & holidays). In the day time I try to eat well - gf, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, lean meat & fish - because our bodies need all the nutrients they can get! But I also eat chocolate, cake & biscuits occasionally. No calorie counting or restrictions! My weight is stable & I love the freedom of choice. I'm rarely hungry between meals. I've been anorexic in the past, so avoid diets. This isn't a diet, it's just a healthy way of life. It works for me but we are all different x

  • Haven't tried that. Did 16/8 for a bit (which isn't that different). Didn't make a lot of difference to anything (but made it more difficult to take supplements with meals). I was possibly a bit more tired in the afternoon. Didn't get hungry. Not doing it any more because of timing supplements, and it didn't make me feel any better.

  • Thank you all! It's always great to hear different experiences and thoughts - I really really appreciate it and it's brilliant to have found this forum! :)

  • I just find cutting carbs down and cutting out sugar helps me and I lose weight. Maybe I've reached the sweet spot, as someone else described it in another post.

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