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Travelling abroad with supplements?

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Hi. This is my first post and could really do with some advice. I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks to Spain and I'm not sure how to take all my supplements/hormone tablets. Do i take them in a weekly medicine reminder pot or all individual? Could be quite a few! None of the vits/supplements have been perscribed by the doctor but the nutri supplements have been recommended by Dr Peatfield. Also should I take them in my cabin bag or suitcase? Can't risk my nutri adrenal/thyroid supplements being confiscated, I don't want to feel rough on my hols. Any advice would be appreciated as I'm getting quite stressed about it. Thanks

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I always travel with thyroid meds in my handbag but put all supplements in my suitcase to avoid actually carrying too many pills on my person.

However in september we are travelling by easy jet with only cabin baggage so I shall have to rethink that one.

Have a good holiday Hope46. A bit of Spanish sunshine sounds perfect.


Welcome to the forum, Hope46. Meds and supplements should travel in your hand luggage in case your suitcase goes astray. Prescription meds should be in their original container/packet but supplements can be decanted into other containers.

Speaking as a very well seasoned traveller in relation to my work......

I would carry the stuff in its original packaging/containers and then decant into your dosette when you get to your destination.

If any of the meds are POM then take the prescription copy that the pharmacy give you as proof.

If any of the drugs are opiate based or considered "dangerous drugs" you will need a covering letter from your GP.

Absolutely vital stuff go in handbag/carry-on and any extra supplements that you can do without at a squeeze can go in your luggage.

Remember to follow the current rules in force for carry-on if any of this is in liquid form.

To be honest I wouldn't get too stressed with Spain, it tends to be more of an issue if you are going to or transitting to places like Dubai.

Have a lovely time! :)

Thanks for all your advice, it's been really helpful. I will stop stressing now and look forward to the Spanish sunshine😎

I would agree with others advice.. not SURE about their being in ' hand luggage' ,if the likelihood of them being confiscated/removed' than is greater than the likelihood of you losing your luggage permanently'.. which to me seems like it may be..

I'd certainly say ' keep them in original container' ( showing what they are) I think it DOES depend if they are a solid and NOT a liquid, gel or aerosol.. As such, they should be allowed transport in CABIN baggage .. Gel capsules might be an issue as the *airport* security restrictions apply to LAG's or Liquids, Gel or Aerosols.. and capsules-- which contain a gel-- could be construed to be a LAG.. Therefore, I think that from the perspective of *airport* security, to avoid any issues, that you'd be wise to simply pack them all in your CHECKED baggage where the LAG restrictions do not apply.

but I guess it WOULD depend on whether you get your handbag searched.. and how the person who DOES the search feels at the moment he does it.. My GUESS would be they would be more likely to confiscate ( in the absence of proof as to what they were - they might be drugs as far as they know)

If left in hold luggage, no one will 'see' them...

Hope this helps..

Yes thanks. So my omega 3 gel capsules need to go in my suitcase in their original packaging. So many supplements to take with me, my suitcase will be rattling. Appreciate the advice.

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