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Hashimotos and general immune response

Am I correct in thinking that those of us who have an autoimmune disorder are in no way immunocompromised?

In a current Hypothyroid U.K. Facebook discussion there's confusion over whether having Hashimotos hypothyroidism means the immune system is compromised as a whole and as a result more susceptible to picking up illness or infections from others.

It would be great to get the view of someone medically trained.

Thanks in advance!

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This is a patient to patient forum and no one, including the Admin team, on this community should be assumed to have medical training of any sort.


My understanding is that having an autoimmune condition like Hashimoto's, pernicious anaemia, Type 1 diabetes etc. where the body attacks it's own organs is not the same as being immunocompromised which means one is unable to fight off infections.

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I am not a health care professional, have Hashi’s, good blood vit/min levels and swing from one virus to another, usually upper respiratory. Not sure if this is related but have been much worse since diagnosed. Someone may be aware of some related research?

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Im sick all the time, have chronic sinusitus and phlegm, coughing every day. Dr dosen"t know why it's so frustraiting. Had subacute thyroiditis and then something happened to my immunesystem. I eat just levothyroxine + vitamines, I will try T3 but must order. Diagnosed with hashimoto's now and it would be nice if some have a tips what to do. I think there is a connection with infectiones and hashimoto's or??



I agree that autoimmunity isn’t necessarily the same as immunocompromised.

However a lot of autoimmunity is linked to gut disorders... which in turn often mean we are not absorbing vitamins minerals and nutrients properly.

A deficiency of b vitamins, iron, vit D, zinc etc all often reduce immunity in themselves and hence we can often be susceptible to infections etc

Hope that makes sense

Always worth checking ferritin folate vit D and b12. Most people appear deficient in these

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Good healthy discussion nevertheless everyone, despite unhealthy bodies!


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