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Hashimotos and lipodema

Hashimotos and lipodema

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos 13 years ago I looked normal and felt normal it showed up on some bloods I was getting to see if my hormones were OK as I hadn't got pregnant, I was put on Levo 50mg, anyway about 18 months later I fell pregnant and straight away my legs looked like piano legs and constant pains, i put 4 stone on in the 9 months and my baby weighed 5lb could it possibly be lipedemia brought on by pregnancy, I still have the piano legs now which are still painful

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Have you considered asking your GP for urgent referal to the Lympthoedema Service? Here it's four weeks wait for urgent and longer for routine referal. Although I am still waiting more than 4 weeks after I heard the Orthopaedics Practioner dictate the letter for Urgent referal to our Lympthoedema Clinic.

If GP not happy to do this then ask for Urgent referal to Medical or circulation /vascular Consultant for a diagnosis. Or just ask GP for Diagnosis. You have a right for investigations and diagnosis. Don't delay. Strict healthy reducing diet might help a little but not necessarily cure. Gentle exercise and raising legs when sitting whenever you get opportunity to. What you really need though is diagnosis and take it from there.





For the pain - can you take ibuprofen?

If so try 2 paracetamol then have something to eat or milk drink then take one, 2 or 3 x 200mg Ibuprofen tablets.

But see doctor asap.



Then watch out for liver problems!



Notice the word 'can'.

All analgesics need to be taken wisely.

I personally go without as far as possible and would only suggest occassional use when safe in accordance with the individuals personal conditions and situation and of course need.

Also please note 'see doctor asap.' GP wasn't open when post and reply written.

The pain relief mentioned is avaliable from supermarkets.

The poster hadn't received any replies. I was busy but took time to reply. I'm sure the poster has enough common sense to take only what pain relief medication necessary. ie stopping after 200mg Ibuprofen if relief achieved.

If you have had liver problems do you know for sure what the cause is?

Excessive use of any drugs can cause liver problems. Alcohol can cause liver problems.

Being undiagnosed Hypothyroid can lead to all sorts of problems including liver problems.



Hi Joanne, Are you gluten free? I have Hashi and this was one of the first things that helped my pains. My gut health helped with my weight. I take apple cider vinegar tabs and a probiotic. If you check out my previous posts you may see a before and after pic. My legs were huge and the excessive weight was heart breaking.


Yes my legs were bigger than they are now, really ugly looking they were, I have a slight fat pad below one of my knees, but from the back all my tendons seem to look like they've been stitched at the back of my knee?? But I still have a rather odd shape from behind, will post pic, my ankles are skinny. I have changed my diet to AIP, now gluten free and milk free, intolerant to yeast now too. So eating really good. I have lost about 5 lb so they look better than before. I still getting pains, I have just started a new job, 10 hours on my feet and I can feel my vein hurting on my inner leg. I had phlebitis and tendinitis when I was pregnant too. I cannot take ibuprofen it strips the lining of my stomach. I have been to see doc (uk) they brushed me off and said it was muscle!!!, what I didn't know there was a muscle over your Achilles' tendon, idiots!!


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