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Diet and Hashimotos

So last month I got really fed up. Got blood tests back for TSH, free T3 And free T4 and although I was within the range, I was not at the optimum part of any of the ranges. My doctor was quite immovable to dose changes, so I figured I needed to take some responsibility over my own health.

I have done a bit of reading around the subject, and even though i tested negative for celiac, I was going to try altering my diet. My main symptom, I guess, was conconstipation, ok there was tiredness, feeling glum, brain fog, dry skin, etc but my bowels were the bit that really bothered me. To the point that I was taking 1 or 2 senakot a day.

Anyways, so I've cut out gluten, dairy and deadly nightshades. Oh and sugar. I'll do this for a month and then start to add stuff back in.

Over the first week, I felt so much less bloated ~ that's terrible English but you know what I mean. I dropped nearly 3kg and 6cm of my waist and my trips to the toilet (sorry for the detail) have changed from long drawn out, frankly painful, affairs, to pretty much normal. I.e. peristalsis is coping and they are actually soft.

Now I've got a stinking cold, thanks to my children, so the fatigue and brain fog is being held back by snot, so it's a rain check in those symptoms.

I think in the past, I'd been quite sceptical about diets and the effect that can have. And didn't want to be a person at a dinner party who says I can eat this this this and this, but in just over a week, I can't believe the change.

After work one day, I was quite tired and thought a bag of giant choc buttons won't hurt.... hmmmm, burped all the way home and I could feel it sitting in my tummy.

Anyways, I just wanted to share with you all and say that we are all quite good at moaning about our GPs, but if we aren't doing all we can to help ourselves then its an uphill struggle. I'd quite happily have a bit of T3 to help me along but doubt that's going to happen so....

Anyways good luck to you all.


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Well done for starting the elimination diet. And now the hard part to let people know that you are better without certain foods and to read every label. Gluten is in so many things. I am now the one that watches everyone eat when out of the house and simply nurses a mint tea. Stick with it.


I've been on the Auto Immune Protocol for seven months and feel much better. Gluten is not the only food to avoid, as you are finding out. It can be very limiting though, as cwill has said. There is loads of information and websites out there to help if you want to take the plunge. This is quite a good one. It's not all about food. Reducing stress and lifestyle issues are important too. (Don't ask me about reducing stress. I'm rubbish at it.)


Thanks for your positive post and am happy that you have solved your 'problem' throught diet which has also given you other unexpected improvements.

If you are having problems with your stomach, i.e. digestion etc. I'll give you a link as we can have low stomach acid rather than high and as symptoms are so similar doctors will give us something that reduces the acid when, in fact, it is very important to dissolve foods, protein in particular.


If you read the autoimmune solution by Amy Myers or the root cause by Isabella wentz it's all about diet and leaky gut ive only been doing it for 2 weeks and the difference is remarkable plus I've lost 4lb already


Diet is helping me too. Vegan and gluten free and chewing well helped mucho


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