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Thyroid Test Results

My latest thyroid results were

TSH 0.121 (range 0.27 - 4.20)

Free T4 21.8 (range 12.00 - 22.00)

The doctor rang me to say that I am ‘borderline’ and to have it retested in two months.

What are your views?

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If you're not on any thyroid medication and not diagnosed with a thyroid condition it sounds like a sensible plan but you need the following testing next time to get a full picture:




thyroid antibodies TPO thyroid peroxidase antibodies

thyroglubulin Antibodies TgAb

If you feel unwell before then don't hesitate to return to GP just because they said wait a few months before retesting.


I am on 100mg levo and have been for a long time but looking back to this time last year my results were almost the same but nothing was said.

I thought it was out of wack because my hair has been coming out again and I have been really tired and had a very dry mouth constantly which I have been told is another symptom


In that case I agree with SeasideSusie, you don't need to reduce your dose. Reasons for losing hair are more likely iron and mineral deficiencies. I don't have any idea what dry mouth might be. Get vitamin levels tested if not done. B12, folate, ferritin and viamin D.

You could take magnesium citrate or another type,



To support adrenal function take 1000mg of vitamin C daily. For general thyroid function up to 100mcg of selenium and a little zinc daily.

Selenium daily allowance recommendations


Vitamins deficiency and Hair loss



Low iron wasn’t something I had thought of. I have just started taking iron tablets so hopefully that will help, I am pretty sure they tested bot B12 etc but will check when I see the doctor. Thanks for all the info 😄 I get more help from here than at the doctors 😂


Borderline what?

If you are diagnosed hypo and on Levo and your GP is saying you are overmedicated, if you feel well on your current dose then ask for FT3 to be tested before agreeing to a reduction in dose. If FT3 is in range you aren't overmedicated.

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It sounded like borderline hypo but I have been on levo for 5 years!

I have been feeling really tired, got a dry mouth, dr skin and my hair is coming out more than it has for a long time.

I don’t think my doctor would do a FT3 they have only done FT4 the last couple of times.

I think I will have to pay a visit to the doctors.........wish me luck 😂😂


No, that would be borderline hyper as your TSH is just below the lower normal range and your FT4 levels close to the upper normal range...do you have Hashimoto's disease, aka autoimmune hypothyroidism? Many patients with Hashimoto's, myself included, feel better with a borderline low or even suppressed TSH, and FT4 levels close to or at the upper normal limit in order to ensure enough T4 is converted to T3. FT3 is the active thyroid hormone and therefore very important to have measured. I agree with others: don't agree to a reduction in dose until you've had your FT3 levels tested. I'm not in the UK, but understand from posts here that it can be difficult to have your FT3 levels tested on the NHS; however, it seems possible to have it done privately...? I hope members in the UK will get back to you with details.

Anyway, if you feel well on your current dose of levo, and have no hyper symptoms such as racing heart, excessive sweating or unexplainable weight loss, you need to have your FT3 levels tested before changing anything.

Unfortunately, most doctors are obsessed with the TSH and seem to feel most comfortable when it's midrange rather than at the bottom of range...many patients don't feel well unless their TSH is borderline low or even below range, and that can mean a constant battle with clueless doctors:-(


Hi Teyris make sure you take your iron tablet at least 4 hours away from your thyroid meds and other meds for that mater. Taking it an closer can effect your levo absorption.


Yes I do but thank you for pointing it out. I take Levo first thing in the morning and iron in the afternoon

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If you are on levo or NDT these results are fine (although you should try to get a free T3 done next time as well to see if you are converting T4 to T3 adequately) and not borderline anything. If you are not on levo, you might be tending towards hyperthyroidism so another check in 3 months is a good idea.


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