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Anyone tried L Hennings Thyroxine (lactose free) & had good results?

I am thinking of asking my GP for a prescription of the above as its lactose free. I know its not available in the uk so she will probably say no. Does anyone know how much it costs? I know the cost will be an issue. Also anyone had good results on it?

I know Teva does one but I had such bad experience on Teva a few years back.

Thanking you in advance.

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Hi there - sorry you've had no response yet, I did a quick search which may help...



Particularly this thread:


I do NOT have lactose issues. I have used both Sanofi Henning L-Thyroxin and Aliud (another German make). I liked both of them.

Around 15 euros for 100 tablets. More details by following link within thread linked above!

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Thank you for your hel.


Thank you for your help.


Meant help! Lol!

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:-) I guessed!!

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