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Wockhardt availability?

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My usual chemist - a branch of Well Pharmacy - told me they can’t get my usual 25mcg levothyroxine tablets because Wockhardt are not making them any more - when I queried that she said maybe their suppliers are just not able to get them any more. Does anyone else know anything about this? I came out of the shop with Teva instead but I’m a bit worried about switching brand and seem to recall some folk have had problems with Teva.

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Teva upsets many many people

Ring up Wockhart and ask them - phone number in here


Pharmacy probably telling porkies

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Girtonian in reply to SlowDragon

Yes I emailed Wockhardt and sure enough they do have it in stock. Getting back on to my pharmacy today.

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Girtonian in reply to Girtonian

So I phoned my chemist and also forwarded them the email from Wockhardt which gave contact details for them to order it direct. They say they can't order direct, only from their supplier. They doubt any other local chemists can get it either. I phoned another local independent pharmacy and their supplier doesn't have it. They were more sympathetic but say they also can't order it direct. I could phone round all the local pharmacies or maybe try to find out from Wockhardt who they are supplying. Any suggestions?

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You are right that some people, possible the majority, do not get on well with Teva levothyroxine. However, some people actually prefer Teva!

If you have some Wockhardt left, switch straight-away to Teva and see how you go. If you do not do well, switch back. If you wait until you have no Wockhardt, you will not have that option!

Hi Girtonian, I have just fetched my latest packs of Wockhardt levo and the pharmacist didn’t mention any problem with supply. I had to change pharmacies 8 months ago as the pharmacy attached to my surgery said they could no longer supply Wockhardt. I have had no problem so far with supply at the new pharmacy. You can always take your prescription elsewhere. Just phone around first to find out where Wockhardt levo is available. As far as I know they are still being manufactured. I certainly had a big problem with Aktavis which contains acacia gum, to which apparently I am allergic. As you say, Teva has been known to cause problems too though we are all different. In the end it’s a question of trial and error.

Hope you manage to obtain Wockhardt without any problem. I don’t see why you wouldn’t. Good luck.

Best wishes


Thank you Caroline and Helvella. I have emailed Wockhardt and will try phoning round the local pharmacies. Will also try the Teva before the Wockhardt I have left runs out. Useful strategies, thanks.

I picked up some wockhardt from my pharmacy the other day.

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Girtonian in reply to MiniMum97

Which pharmacy do you use? Is it part of a chain? I need to find out which suppliers have Wockhardt and find a pharmacy that uses that supplier. I am in Cambridge UK.

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MiniMum97 in reply to Girtonian

Lloyd’s pharmacy.

Please research the many comments on this site from people who have had major problems with Teva. I am one of them. Because of my problems with Teva brand I now physically pick up my own prescription and check the bottle for brand before accepting the medicine and stepping away from the counter.

The pharmacy knows I won't accept Teva and usually fills it with another brand. But I check anyway. In the US once you walk away from the counter with your prescription it is your problem and no chance to return it. My main symptom with Teva was horrible gastrointestinal symptoms every morning about an hour after taking the morning dose.

Two possible reasons for problems might be that they use cellulose (made from wood chips!) as a filler which many people can't tolerate. And I believe they have poor quality control as often my pills would look misshapen and poorly made. It took me a long time to figure this out. When I mentioned this to my Endo he switched me to Brand Synthroid. I never had problems with these but the cost started going up and I switched back to generic though not Teva.

This has been quite a while ago and have had no problems with any other generic brand.

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Girtonian in reply to

Thank you yes I thought I remembered reading those comments which was one reason I was upset.

in reply to Girtonian

Glad I remembered.

Hi everyone, I emailed Wockhardt and they do have the 25mcg levothyroxine in stock, so the problem is a Well Pharmacy one. The girl who served me should not have said 'they are not making it any more' which is clearly wrong. The pharmacist was there and did not contradict her. I've phoned them and forwarded the email so it will be interesting to see what they say now. Such a pointless upset, and very annoying.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Girtonian

It is staggering just how many times this story has been repeated in various forms.

Thanks for asking Wockhardt - my advise is always to ask the manufacturer as a first step.

Can anyone tell me which pharmacies are supplying Wockhardt, especially if they are a chain and likely to have a branch in Cambridge? Thanks

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My local Lloyds always supplies Wockhardt when 25 microgram tablets are required.

I wouldn't go so far as to claim that is true across the UK - it might be but there could well be regional variations.

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