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American Pharmacy stopped trading

For the last 14 years and for 3 before that I have been taking extended release T3. When I left the USA I managed to find an American pharmacy that would accept my British doctor's prescription.

Now the pharmacy has stopped trading and I'm desperately looking for an alternative. I'm in touch with the International Association of Compounding Pharmacies and I'm waiting to hear if they can signpost me to anyone.

I'm quite convinced that if I go privately my doctor will prescribe NDT but I'm worried about the transition. I can't go back on T4 only as life wasn't really worth living. If I can find the right combination to replace my 82.5 mcg of T3 twice a day, I think I'll pay anything for it, even though I'm now a pensioner. If I can function , then I can work.

I don't really expect any good answers. This is just a bit of a rant.

Thank you for reading.

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If you can't find extended release T3 there are a number of brands of standard release T3 brands available.


Thanks Clutter. It’s just that I’ve been really well for 17 years with no hassle and now it’s starting again. When I was on T3 alone and not the extended release version I could tell when I had ‘run out’. My doctor, at the time, advised me not to take it after 2:00 but I found I could take it any time and still sleep. I think I will also explore NDT.


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