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Where can I buy natural desiccated adrenal supplements from cheaply?

I am 22 and I have been diagnosed with an under active thyroid for over 10 years now. Last year I went to see Dr Peatfield and since then I am off Levo and now taking natural desiccated thyroid and Adrenal tablets - Matavive (Thyroid Supplement) and Adrenavive (Adrenal Supplement).

I have been suggest to buy Thyriod S which is much cheaper than the ones I am on now and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good company that sells natural desiccated adrenal supplements?

Thank you in advance :)

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iherb is quite cheap, as is bigvits.co.uk. The ones I think are the best (adrenavive) are not cheap. It is definitely cheaper to buy NDT from Thailand than to buy a good quality thyroid glandular which might have no hormone in it. It depends when you just need glandular support or actual hormone. It might be cheaper to buy hyrdocortisone from an online pharmacy than to pay for adrenal glandular, but I have never tried, and it would be safe only if you actually need HC.

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Yes Adrenavive are the ones I am on now and I will have a look at all the websites you have suggested to find the best alternative for me. I have found an alternative for the metavive and I can get them from Thailand, its called thyroid s, which I am going to order once I know what I need to replace my adrenavive with. Thanks you for your help.


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