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Prescription fluoride toothpaste - a bad thing?

Hi - I’m certainly making use of this amazing forum and all you knowledgable people - so huge thanks in anticipation.

You have kindly advised I’m under medicated on 50mg levothyroxine - I’ve been feeling lousy, hair less, diarrhoea, insomnia etc.

I’ve just realised the possibility of the high fluoride toothpaste causing thyroid problems. My dentist put on Duraphat 500 toothpaste (prescription only) for my Sjögren’s syndrome.

Could this be causing my difficulties or at least not helping?!

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It isn't suppose to help but you first need to concentrate on modifying your diet to reduce sugar particularly hidden sugar levels before not taking it otherwise you will end up with a mouth full of caries including root ones, and due to your hypothyroidism you may have difficulty with dental anaesthesia.

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As someone who has difficulties, through being hypothyroid, with dental anaesthetics my dentist always used citanest/octapressin and have had no problems since.

Fluoride is a poison and even though it might be a small dose in each toothpaste it isn't recommended.

I believe most of us avoid fluoride toothpastes:-

I hope your doctor has raised your dose of levothyroxine?


Yes many of us use flouride free toothpaste

But it's more essential to get your dose of Levo increase.

Steer clear of soya too

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Fluoride was once used to suppress the thyroid - not sure if it is the same type - as there are many types of fluoride.

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