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Concerned about dental X ray and filling

Hello all,

Looking for guidance please.

Last dental checkup showed a small but possibly deep cavity in a back tooth. First one since I was 12! I'm almost 45...

My dentist wants to do X rays which I've avoided before, but now I need a filling I can't really argue.

I don't have a thyroid due to thyroid cancer, so do I still need to ask for a neck guard?

Also, should I pay extra for non-mercury fillings?

I would appreciate your thoughts.

Kindest regards,


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If you are in the UK guidelines re dental X-ray machines are stringent and modern X-ray machines mean it is unlikely you will be adversely affected by dental X-rays but if you ask your dentist it is likely they will have a thyroid collar you can wear to protect your thyroid.

Non-mercury fillings usually have to be paid for privately.


Hi Clutter, I no longer have a thyroid - but wonder whether I should protect my neck anyway. Better safe than sorry I think. 🙂



The neck guard is to protect your thyroid from background radiation from the X-ray machine. If you don't have a thyroid it doesn't need protection.

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Ok, thank you 🙂


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