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Out of interest... iron deficiency and thyroid

I'm aware that nutrient deficiencies and hypothyroidism go hand in hand. My thyroid levels are below optimal without being diagnosable on the NHS (latest TSH: 4.4 (0.35 - 5.0)). T3 was low but within range the only time I've had it tested, although the test was unfortunately carried out late afternoon . My

Serum Ferritin is 42 (15 - 250), it should be at least 70?

So my question, is there any chance that raising my iron to optimal levels would allow my thyroid to function efficiently again? Has anyone improved their thyroid levels after fixing nutritional deficiencies?

Thanks for your help :-)

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TSH 4.4 indicates your thyroid is failing. TSH is high because FT4 and FT3 are low, although they may still be within normal range.

You can raise ferritin by supplementing iron. Take 1,000mg vitamin C with iron will aid absorption and minimise constipation. Raising ferritin level will NOT improve thyroid function.



Serum Ferritin is 42 (15 - 250), it should be at least 70?

The recommendation for a ferritin level of 70 is, as far as I know, based on a test result with a reference range going up to 150.

Since your test has a reference range of 15 - 250 you should be aiming for mid-range, which is roughly 130 - 140.

Your current result is only a smidgen over 11% of the way through the range, so is far too low.


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