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Betaine HCL+Pepsin

Although my wife still has gastric issues and with converting T4 to T3, and is on both Levo & Lio, I thought I would post something positive on Betaine. Since she has been taking it from some two years ago, 2 per day only, with lunch & dinner, she has not suffered at all from acid reflux, for which she had previously been taking a Proton Pump Inhibitor, which to me is nonsense, as they are designed to reduce stomach acid, which as you age, is reduced anyway.

I recommend Betaine to anyone with acid reflux.

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Thanks for posting. I agree 100% with you. There should be checks made to ensure that reflux is caused by high stomach acid before prescribing PPIs.

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Hi, I’ve meaning to ask about magnesium stearate being in the Betaine HCL + Pepsin. I have read (could’ve possibly been Dr Mercola) that this additive being used is actually bad for your stomach flora. Seems like a few different people I follow have mentioned this as being a bad ingredient. I was going to purchase some a couple weeks ago, but could not any that doesn’t have that added as a binder. I’m pretty sure it was also in the Niacin i was looking at.

thoughts on this please?

I have been using Braggs ACV with water for stomach absorption I do not have acid reflux but am certain that I have problems absorbing nutrients. i’m not crazy about the Apple cider vinegar and was thinking maybe I would like to switch it up with the betaine hcl with pepsin. Any advice would be appreciated thanks! apparently it’s in many supplements, but not all.


I can only go on the empirical result, as described above. But my assessment of PPI treatment for acid reflux is that, as in the case of Hashimoto's, the medical profession treat the symptom and not the cause.


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