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Hi all, having recently moved again I was dreading finding another GP surgery and all the fuss that goes with it. I have just put in my first prescription request and was told to bring in my empty medication packets. So I put an empty liothyronine pot and was amazed to see it put on my repeat prescription. Not wanting to count my chickens before they hatched I was sceptical about actually getting the script filled. Took it to a chemist and asked for it not to be mercury pharma liothyronine and have just collected my first lot of prescribed liothyronine in two years! To say I am happy is an understatement..... they have given me morningside .....

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Wow you lucky thing. Here if you don't have something after a year it drops off the prescription and you have to be re diagnosed whatever it is. Liothyronine not allowed now even if you've had it for years from an endo. Maybe I should move too.


Fantastic !! Fingers crossed that no one notices for a while so you can continue getting your T 3. ;)


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