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Haunting weight problem

I have asked for advice before but everyone suggested an increase in my medication. I suffer from hypothyroidism. I asked one of my doctors to forward this to me... Here is my results as received : >45.00 mIU/L range 0.38-5.33

Flag * H: critically High

The Elevate TSH indicates primary hypothyroidism. T4 and TPO antibody determination indicated

Please help. I hardly eat much but I'm overweight and miserable.

Thank you in advance.


Cape town

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If you mean

TSH is over 40 then you urgently need thyroid medication

Free t4 and free t3 and thyroid antibodies must be tested anyway

But also its vital that





Are all tested as thry must all be halfway in their eanges otherwise your body cannot utilise the t4 in levothyroxine and convert it into the t3 that every cell needs to function

Always get a copy of all blood test results inc ref ranges


Hi Gillot, I notice you've posted before with the same TSH result. helvella asked whether the lab were going to test T4. Have they done this? What does your doctor say about the results?

You were also asked whether you are taking the tablets away from food, supplements and other medication, but you didn't reply to the query.

Please help us to help you by giving us more information. :-)

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Doctor put me on NF 0.05mg x2 tablets a day. Planning on seeing another doctor soon. Doctors can be so stubborn when they insist that's all meds you must be on for now and then it's always more tests, more money. When I believe In hindsight they know you are under medicated.


Oh and also, Tablets before food, in the morning.


No other supplements either, except I take devil's claw in the evenings for my arthritis.


Do you have a specific form of arthritis? If you haven't been told that you do, your joint pain and stiffness may well be due to your under-medication. I had severe symptoms of arthritis for many years until I found a good doctor who changed my medication and monitored my thyroid function properly.

Find another doctor as soon as you can. I sympathise with the financial difficulties, and many of us on the forum struggle with the costs. However, you need tests for the following:

FT3 (most important)



TPO antibodies

TG abs


Vitamin B12


Vitamin D

When you've got your test results, start a new post and list them all, along with the lab reference ranges, and then we can advise you further.


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