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Thyroid Problem - Confused?

I have burning palms and feet and recently got diagnosed with overactive thyroid, not specified yet as to whether or not it's linked to a specific autoimmune disorder.

In the past I was diagnosed with Raynaud's (I'm only 19 - and female). I thought maybe I was diabetic or had lupus?

My energy and appetite, as well as physical pain and weakness, fluctuate wildly. It's crazy, but sometime I display textbook hypOthyroidism symptoms, and sometimes the hypERthyroidism that I supposedly have manifests itself very clearly.

It's as though my body is at war.

I have heard of Hashimoto's and Graves'… could either of those cause such wild fluctuations in symptoms?

I'm going to an endocrinologist soon to get follow up/more detailed tests performed.

I'm just frustrated and even more stressed with this diagnosis.

I'm looking for anecdotal accounts, suggestions, support just for the time being to calm my racing mind.

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am hypothyroid but someone who has Graves will comment.

This is a link to who has a library and maybe you could borrow a book for the cost of postage.

Some links:-

An excerpt from above link:-

Firstly, you may not have to do very much. Mild degrees of thyroid overactivity can occur on a self-limiting basis, and may sometimes be left to run their own course, with an informed patient monitoring how they are, and seeking equally well-informed advice if things are not going right.

The first approach is an alert and informed assessment of progress, intervening only when necessary.

The second line of approach is to relieve symptoms until it is clear that the illness is either going to resolve itself in time or will require sterner measures. There are two medical weapons in most common use.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you! It's terrible because I just had mononucleosis (EBV) earlier this year, and now I'm having thyroid problems? I went back to the doctor because I feel like I haven't gotten better from the mono STILL even though that was months ago. It's not chronic EBV or anything because my exposure levels went down. And I don't think I have CFS (aka - yuppie flu). I'm wondering if the EBV could have somehow damaged cells in my thyroid?

Anyway, I appreciate the post and the effort!

The links you sent me wouldn't open… Idk why? But I know that there's a chance that this is just an acute incident, but it's definitely nice to be reassured.


I don't know why links didn't open but I think they will now.


A virus attack like EBV can trigger Hashis or Graves' but the fluctuating levels would suggest Hashis if anything. It would be useful to have an antibody test just to make sure that it's not.

It's true that an acute attack of thyroiditis can clear up on its own, but some times it indicates a tendency which could mean that at a later stage you could have another more prolonged attack. That's why it would be good to test for thyroid antibodies. This link might explain:

Marie XX

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Thanks!! That was SUPER informative!!! It confirms fears and suspicions, though, about the potential for a link between EBV and autoimmune (thyroid, in particular) connections.

When doctors thought I could maybe have Lupus until the before the metabolic panel suggested thyroid problems and even some slightttt liver concerns- barely elevated liver enzymes: 43 (vs. 40 which is the "normal"/acceptable cut-off)- not high enough to warrant any concern of some form of autoimmune hepatitis, instead), I did a ton of research and found the connection between Lupus and EBV.

The links you provided me with are great!


Oh and another weird thing: I had mass amounts of ketones in my urine on and off for over a month. I'm not diabetic, and I didn't have any sort of unusual dietary restrictions. It was so weird.

Could a thyroid issue explain that?


I would say it points more to Hashimotos than Graves.

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The way my symptoms are presenting themselves I'd agree. I won't know til I see the endocrinologist that the infectious disease doctor referred me to


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