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T3 with food

Just been reading something about the best way to take meds and the author suggests that in order for T3 to be absorbed properly you should maybe take it with food. Does anyone do this, or even think it's a good idea?

Mainly for ease I take my T3 (12.5mcg) along with my T4 (125mcg) first thing in the morning but if there's a better way to do it I would certainly give it a go.

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A lot of nonsense. If we take food with any thyroid hormones it can prevent the uptake of thyroid hormones.

I take T3 only and, believe, me I wouldn't let anything interfere with my dose.

Your combination of T4/T3 is best taken together as we avoid any interference with anything else. T4 (levothyroxine) is inactive and has to convert to T3. The work of T3 begins when our T3 receptor cells are saturated and then that one dose of T3 sends out 'waves' for between one to three days.

I am not medically qualified but was unwell on levothyroxine only.


I've never tried it myself - and nor would I! - but occasionally we have people on here who didn't realise that all thyroid hormones should be taken away from food, and their blood test results reflect this. They find great improvement when they start taking it an hour away from food. And that's quite enough to convince me! :)

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Thank you shaws & greygoose-I trust you two more than someone basically trying to flog their wares :-)


Yes, I did wonder on whose side this person was who wrote that. It did smack of vested interests.

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Not sure if I'm allowed to say so I'd better not!


OK :)


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