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I have recently been diganosed with Graves‘. My T3 and T4 climbed rapidly in a month. I’m now on 30mg of neo mercazole (2 weeks). I‘m also seeing a natural path and I’m taking a few supplements she has suggested. We would like to try for a baby (have been for 8 months and had a miscarriage 2 months ago). The Dr said he has put me on neo mercazole as the side effects are not as bad PTU. He said the moment I get pregnant he will switch me to PTU then back to neo mercazole at the end. Has anyone had any luck getting pregnant with this damn disease? Or any suggestions to help? I should mention i‘m 41years old so I don’t have time on my side for baby making 😕

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Women with hyperthyroidism do become pregnant. Neo_Mercazole can cross the placenta and that's why your doctor will switch you to PTU when pregnancy is confirmed. I believe women intending to breast feed should remain on PTU rather than be switched back to Neo_Mercazole.

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