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Latest results help please


I have just had one of those appointments. Got my results, and told I'm within range, so cannot have any increase, but to go and purchase vitamin d, which I will do advice on which one to buy would be great.

VIT D result 46 - insufficient

TSH 1.67 range .34 to 5.6

Free t4 9.7 range 7.5 to 21.1

Just want to sit and cry"......taking 100mg Levo

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Firstly, did your doctor test your vitamin D? If so, what was the result?

Your FT4 is low so it's likely your FT3 is low too and it's likely you do need a dose increase. I'm not surprised you want to cry I would too!!

Book an appointment with another doctor and take them the paper by Professor Toft and tell them you want a dose increase as you have hypothyroid symptoms. Type out a list to give to the doctor.

Professor Toft - Counterblast to Thyroid Guidelines




Yes Vit D 46 is my result which is showing as insufficient


Why do you have to buy vit d? Can’t doc give a prescription?

I got 6 x weekly liquid things & then vit d/ calcium tabs for after x


Ps feel your pain. I’m in same boat and currently sitting here wanting to go to bed at 8pm!


SeasideSusie has best advice on vitamins. My vitamin D was near to yours and I took 1,500iu to raise my levels and it took me 3 years to get my level to 100 which is what you want to aim for if you're in the UK. So you might want to supplement a higher dose, say 5,000iu for 3 months and then reduce dose to 1000iu and retest. Initially, retest every 3 months until you know what dose you need as a maintenance dose. Vitamin D can build up to toxic levels if you overdo it as it's stored in your body. That's why it's important to test every 3 months. You may wish to take a much lower dose in the summer if you get sun exposure and increase in the winter.


You need to take magnesium and K2-MK7 with vitamin D3 in order to absorb the vitamin D effectively. Magnesium citrate is ok but there are other choices for magnesium.


What about your other vitamins?


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