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Vitmin D

Hi had a recent total thyroidectomy 6 months ago...my parathyroid not kicked in yet so on 4000 calcichew x 2 a week and 3000 x 5 a week. I decided to ask for a vit D test had in the past I.have been low it was only 25 saw my endro who said no wonder having to take so much Calcium because because of low vit D my body not absorbing it. I was surprised if Vit d so important for absorption that him nor my gp had suggested i have a vit d blood test why I had too. Anyway he has said in meeting he would be putting me on 20,000 per week dose of vit d took my prescription to pharmacy who said they had a problem with it to find out it had been reduced to 10,000 vit d per week and nobody seems to know why the change. I hope I am on correct dose has I dont see him for 6 weeks. I get so fed up with having to look after myself cause of past errors. Does thiz dose seem correct to.u? Happy New year Carroll

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Make sure to get TSH, FT4 and FT3 tested. Are you taking Levothyroxine or T4 and T3 combo?

Have you also had ferritin, folate and B12 tested? If not get them checked

Post results and ranges when you get them.


I think you should ring your Endocrinologists secretary and ask to check the dose and confirm correct amount urgently.

Cancer and Vitamin D deficiency and supplementation for thyroid surgery




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