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I got a new Endo and hope

Hi everyone

After repeated pleas for help from my endo I finally found another endo (female) by accident because my current endo had no appointments. My new female endo seems truly interested in my concerns and was willing to listen and change my medication based on them.. what a sigh of relief and a sense of hope that my current crummy existence might change. This endo is also having me tested for Cushing disease and some type of Growth hormone issue (not sure).

She lowered my synthroid from 125mcg to 112mcg but she added another 10mcg cytomel to my current 5mcg cytomel and scheduled me for a blood test in 6 weeks (male endo) refused all of this. She told me NOT to take my thyroid meds prior to the test (other 2 endos) never mentioned this to me. Next visit she will also start addressing my hormone issue in relationship to thyroid issues wants to see if this current change can in fact fix my issues 1st.

I hope this works for me.

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She is a endo in Military hospital United States.


Great ...not a lot of help to all those in the UK

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That's brilliant news. Wish we could clone her in the UK! Let us know how you get on.


You lucky thing ....

I wonder if your Endo knows how much We would all love to meet her ..

Good luck Luvvie ..



What a refreshing change a endo who brings hope and makes things look brighter-instead of blah blah blah.😊😊


So pleased for you. Can you let me know her name, please, as, like you, my daughter has nothing but toeing the party line responses for the last five years, from loads and loads of endos. Frustrating and heart breaking. So glad you're being listed to.


Little story.

I was determined at this appointment to try and right all the physical and mental assualts Ive suffered since my thyroidectomy last year if it killed me this new endo was going to see physically how this thyroidectomy changed/ruined my health over this past year and everything I worked for prior to cancer diagnosis.

My short story:

Started 9 yrs ago when I took control of my health ate better and exercised 120 pounds off my body and kept it off for over 6 years, I went on to become certified in fitness (spent over yr in school) was a running coach to school age children and work in the fitness industry to have it all unravel in 1 yr after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

I gained 35 pounds after I had the thyroidectomy and it has slowly had been killing me mentally and physically over the past year and I'm like everyone with thyroid disease you get sick and tired of fighting and defending how you feel or trying to explain what you use to be prior to thyroid disease to strangers who really don't care. I went to this appointment with proof yes proof pictures before weight loss and after and my Fitness Certification with a detailed exercise log (yes) I track my Fitness and weight changes over the past year and she looked at these items with sadness and said I think we can fix this.....for the first time in a year I felt hopeful truly hopeful.

No one should have to provide evidence of your their health prior to thyroid disease or any disease. Sadly people don't truly understand the effects of thyroid disease until they see how it has affected you.

I think most doctors nod like a bobble heads at your complaints but they really don't get how it has affects you physically or mentally it has been my experience the doctors think your looking for diet pills and your mentally sick.

I like to think this appointment and med changes will work but I'm also realistic that things won't be 100% better and I will have ups and downs and I'm ok as long as I can keep a Dr. Who can listen and change to fit my needs if it's possible and not brush me under the rug when it become tough.

My advice: Take your proof of how this disease affected your health they have no choice but to react (unless) they are heartless which I hope you fire them like I did.


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