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Preparing to see a new Endo

I have previously put on here about my awful experience of the endo at my local hospital but I am now about to see privately, another endo who does work at another NHS hospital. This one I do feel a bit more positively about having made a few enquiries about if he does, indeed, prescribe other treatments, which he does.

So, as I prepare for the appointment on Thursday evening, I have compiled a list so far of my symptoms, grouping them as best possible. For example, stating joint pain with example of holding my 2 year olds hand makes my joints hurt as she pulls on them, walking downstairs. Tiredness I have the inability to wake in the mornings despite a good nights sleep and that it lasts all day along with not being able to do many things as do not have a limitless amount of energy.

I have all my test results in a neat format with medication changes in there as well as all my medical file from GP that will cover pretty much every test I have had.

What other things would you suggest would be useful to have or be prepared for?

I have an ideal of how the appointment goes. Hello, I can see from your previous tests results this is not working for you, let us try you on natural thyroid and not do any blood work until you are symptom free and happy. :-) Too much to expect? lol

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Dear poppy, it sounds like you are very well prepared and you have done your research and presented your case really well. It's really good to be so specific about your symptoms.I do hope it goes well for you and it would be so heartening if he does really listen to you and respond as you wish. I hope you are able to take someone with you for support. The only thing that I could possibly add to your well compiled folder is a list of things you could do before you became unwell eg stay up late, dance all night, or whatever it is that you can no longer do. I would also attach a photo of yourself when you were well if you look very different to now. I think this adds a human perspective, without it being emotional. I am very interested in how it goes for you as I am also on the search for a good endo. Please let me know how you get on.

KInd regards and fingers crossed. Katey


Thank you, that is a very good suggestion. It's been very hard to compare how I was before and after as I think my 2nd miscarriage kicked off the thyroid issues and I was diagnoised when my little one was 8 months old. I put down most things to being an older mum (was 43 when she was born) so of course I was tired etc. I shall go back a few years and make some lists :-) Shall hunt for a photo too although not sure I have one.

I am taking my husband with me to the appointment for added support. I have also done my basal temperature on the first few days of my cycle to add to the information (although other endo said that had no bearing at all on the thyroid!)


Dear Poppy,

Iwill certainly 'pray' for you and wish you well. You are indeed very prepared for the visit a good thing because Doctors need to see 'numbers' and listen to what you have to say. Hope he puts you on natural thyroid, I put myself on it with the help of a Doctor friend who has a lab.for blood analysis and who has been following my progress...because now its 'progress' you see I had become 'thyroid resistent'and was anything but well..only wish I had found the 'natural thyroid' sooner, 18 years of the other thyroxine served me nothing but 'problems' say I say good luck to you today and can't wait to hear how it all goes...prayers, prayers, prayers and more see I have very little 'Faith' in Doctors...also being a nurse I do know what I'm talking about. Bye bye for now Margaret


Thank you. I am certainly hopeful to be able to come back here with good progress :-) It makes me crazy that it is generally accepted that one contraceptive pill will not suit all women dispite the fact that it would do the job (ie not get pregnant) but some will have unpleasant symptoms, some will have life threatening complications etc etc. So why on earth would they think that one pill will treat all people with thyroid disorders? Different people need different treatments and it is about time these so called specialists listened!


good luck poppy xx


My very best of wishes to you poppy i hope your appointment goes the way you want it to. Thinking of you thursday and let us know how you go on.

Angie xx


I have put an update on a new blog. Appt went well. :-)


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