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Morning Glory

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I need some advice: I am 66 yrs. female TSH is 7.52 abnormally high, free T4 is 0.76 normal, Dr didn't run a T3 level, Parathyroid hormone Int is 81.4 abnormally high blood pressure 199/90

was started on 88 mcg synthroid for thyroid and 25 mg Losartan potassium for blood pressure. After starting I froze always cold now 2 months later not cold anymore but bp still wakes me up with a pounding in my ear and head. Seeing tons of floaters in rt eye now. any advice?

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Welcome to the forum, Jcc19511.

Was TSH 7.51 before or after starting 88mcg Levothyroxine?

Results are meaningless without lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after results). Please post the lab ref ranges for FT4 0.76 and parathyroid hormone 81.4. Was calcium tested at the same time as parathyroid hormone?

I would see an optician about the floaters in your eye.

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jcc19511 in reply to Clutter

Tsh was 7.52 before starting synthroid 88 mcg. lab ranges for FT4 are 0.61- 1.70, lab ranges for Parathyroid Hormone are 15.0 - 75.0. Calcium was 9.4 ranges are 8.4-10.5

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Clutter in reply to jcc19511


88mcg is likely to be an adequate dose to raise FT4 and reduce TSH but you should have a follow up thyroid function test 6-8 weeks after starting Synthroid. Ask your GP to check FT3 as well.

High parathyroid hormone (PTH) with normal calcium can indicate secondary hyperparathyroidism. I would ask for PTH, calcium and phosphate to be retested when you have your thyroid function follow up blood test.

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Nanaedake in reply to jcc19511

81.4 abnormally high Parathyroid Hormone range 15.0 - 75.0.

Calcium was 9.4 ranges are 8.4-10.5

According to the above results your parathyroid hormone is over range but your calcium is not. With hyperparathyroidism it seems that one would expect calcium to be over range? See Clutter's advice.

See this link...

You could ask your doctor whether it's significant or not and whether you need further investigations.

Would you mind posting your test results along with the laboratory ranges as it helps to interpret them. Lab ranges vary from lab to lab and country to country.

How long have you been on synthroid? Normally we would expect a blood test 6 weeks after starting thyroid meds and adjust the dose and so on until reaching optimal blood test results. Perhaps your doctor is being cautious because of high blood pressure? Has your doctor tested for thyroid antibodies?

Have you got another condition which may be the cause of high blood pressure?

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jcc19511 in reply to Nanaedake

I have never had a Doctor check my lab after dose change nor tested for thyroid antibodies. I am going to ask for an Endocrinologist consult. Lab ranges are TSH normal 0.35-5.00 mine 7.52, calcium was 9.4 normal range are 8.4-10.5, Parathyroid ranges are 15.0-75.0 mine 81.4, FT4 RANGES ARE 0.61-1.70 mine 0.76 thanks

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Definitely get thyroid antibodies tested

Also vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Floaters can be caused by PVD. Look it up and it explains why you need to have it checked out. (Post Vitrious Detachment).

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jcc19511 in reply to silverfox7

Hello Thank you I did look it up and also went to my eye Doctor. No retina detachment. Was PVD and nothing they could do. Just praying with time it will get better.

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silverfox7 in reply to jcc19511

Needs always to be checked out though. On my first visit to eye casualty they gave me contact numbers and a ward to go to should the clinic be closed if I have another. So my usual procedure is a look round for damage in casualty and then a follow up appointment in a few days for a more thorough examination.

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