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Feeling desperate! Thyroid issue?

I'm a female in my mid 40's. I have Type 2 diabetes but am diet controlled. I also have high blood pressure and take a BP med and diuretic. I've been feeling unusually cold - it feels like an icy compress is being applied to various parts of my body . The tops of my legs are the worst and they sting with pain. I'm not sleeping, suffering badly with insomnia and absolutely drained of energy. I find if I do something like a walk it takes its toll the day after. Yesterday I went out for about 2 hours, didn't feel well whilst out and I've had the night from hell as a consequence.

I'm cold to the extent I'm putting my heating up to 25 degrees whilst hubby is moaning the house is too hot. I was previously someone who was usually hot and didn't have the central heating on unless unseasonably cold!

As I feel so rubbish I've not felt well enough to go to work today and have managed to get a Drs appointment for this afternoon. I've recently had blood tests done, checking for inflammation - told result was 1.76 (borderline) and nothing to worry about. Also told liver, thyroid etc were all "normal" but not sure what actual thyroid tests were done and what the figures were. My blood pressure is high and all over the place and my pulse rate is also up. My resting pulse is normally somewhere between the high 50's and mid 60's but has been up in the high 80's and 90's and went up to 101 at the weekend (all resting pulse rate readings).

Any advice would be gratefully received.

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What blood test was 1.76?

Ask for a printout of your thyroid results and ranges and post them in a new question for comment. Resting pulse rate is normal between 65-100.


The 1.76 relates to the test for inflammation. Apologies for not making that clearer.



Okay. There are several tests for inflammation so it's a good idea to name the test and include the lab ref ranges.


Ok, thanks. I'm going to insist on a printout of the last tests. I believe they can do this on reception? Oh, think I'd also better mention that I live in the UK.



The Data Protection Act entitles patients to their results and ranges. You don't have to say why you want the results if the receptionist asks either. The practice is entitled to charge a nominal fee of £1/£2 to cover the cost of printer ink and paper.


Seen the Dr who didn't seem that concerned about how bad I am feeling. However, she has signed me as unfit for work for 2 weeks with "Nerve Pain" as she had to "put something" on the medical certificate and thinks it's nerve related. Told to double and even triple up on my amitriptyline and she's booked me an appointment to see my registered Dr next week to review.

I remembered to ask for a printout of my blood tests - there's pages of it!!!

So, here goes: (copied as per printout)

Haemoglobin A1c level - IFCC standardised (XaPbt) = 43 mmol/mol. For monitoring QOF control targets are 59, 64, 75 mmol/mol

Full Blood Count:-

Total White Blood Count 8.6 10*9/l (4.0-11.0)

Red Blood Cell Count 4.86 10*12/l (3.5-5.5)

Haemoglobin concentration (Xa96v) 146 g/l (115-165.0)

Haematocrit (X76tb) 0.431 l/l (0.37-0.47)

Mean Cell Volume (42A) 88.7fl (78.0-100.0)

Mean Cell Haemoglobin level (XE2pb) 30.0pg (27.0-32.0)

Mean Cell haemoglobin concentration 339g/l (320-360)

Red Blood Cell distribution width (XE2mO) 12.4% (11.5-15.5)

Platelet count - observation 302 10*9/l (150.0-400.0)

Mean Platelet volume 10.6 fl (8.0-12.0)

Neutrophil count 4.3 10*9/L (2.0-7.5)

Lymphocyte count 3.4 10*9/L (1.5-4.5)

Monocyte count - observation 0.60 10*9/L (0.2-1.0)

Eosinophil count - observation 0.29 10*9/L (0.04-0.4)

Basophil count 0.1 10*9/L (<0.3)

Serum TSH level (XaELV) 4.38 mIU/L (0.3-5.0) TSH within limits excludes primary but not secondary hypothyroidism.

Plasma Viscosity (XE2pd) Above Range 1.76 mPa.s (1.5-1.72). Above high reference limit.

Plasma fasting glucose level. 5.0 mmol/L (3.3-6.0)

Serum ferritin level (XE24r) 50 ng/ml (15.0-350.0)

If it's relevant I also have a whole load of figures for Liver function and serum and a calcium profile. Although it may as well be written in a foreign language!

But to my untrained eye, no full thyroid tests from what I can tell.


Clutter would not have seen your reply as you have to click onto the Green Reply button below the post 😊😊

You are right only the TSH was tested and it appears your thyroid is struggling ...


Hi Marz

Sorry, my error. Issues are still ongoing and I've now finally seen a neurologist. It's looking like I have chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E. and Fibromyalgia. I have an MRI scan (brain, neck, spine) in a week or so but I think this is just to check and rule out anything else as the neurologist doesn't think it'll throw up any abnormalities.

My own GP, and another GP I've seen recently have told me it looks very much like CFS. The neurologist also requested bloods and to check for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis - all the tests were normal, including glucose and my HBA1c (pleased about the HBA1c as I'm a diet controlled diabetic but my diet has been far from perfect over the last few months)!


So sorry have only just seen your reply ! Before accepting a CFS/ME diagnosis you need a FULL thyroid Profile done to include more than the TSH which tells you diddly squat 😊 You also need the FT4 - FT3 and the thyroid anti-bodies TPO & Tg - to rule out Hashimotos.

The above conditions are often caused by low T3 - VitD & B12 ....

Are you able to have Private Testing ? - if so I can send you the link ...


I'd feel a bit nervous challenging my Dr and asking for a full thyroid profile. I'd also be unsure what to say and my reasons for it. I'm in the UK (England) - any ideas how I should pose this if possible? Other than the fact the TSH was the upper end on their scale so "normal"?!

It would depend on the cost and how to go about private testing. Would I then take the results to my Dr? I'm also not great with needles so I request the same nurse at my surgery as others have tried and failed to get a vein and blood!!!

Please could you send the link.

Thanks for your help. x

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Oh dear that is a shame. It is not a challenge - you would just like to know the full story rather that a small part. The TSH is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone from the Pituitary and tells the Thyroid to produce T4 - this is a storage hormone and needs to convert into the ACTIVE thyroid hormone T3 - needed in every cell of your body. Your Pituitary Gland is working quite hard at the moment to stimulate the thyroid into producing T4. If you have GOOD levels of B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD - your T4 will convert efficiently in T3. So many things our docs do not know. Having been on this forum for six years I have learnt so much from others.

Also important to rule out Hashimotos - so the anti-bodies need to be tested - Anti-TPO and Tg. Sadly the Labs rarely do all these tests even if requested by the GP - and so -many people continue to suffer with various and difficult symptoms.


The above link takes you to the main website of this Forum where you can read so much about the Thyroid as well as the Testing. Many many people on the forum use the private companies - yes GP's may be upset you have taken your health into your own hands - but at the end of the day they use the same labs and why not when they do not do enough testing to confirm a condition and yet are happy to give you labels of various conditions for which there are no tests.

Click onto my name above and you can read how I was once diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2000 and Hashimotos here in Crete in 2005. I am now hurtling towards 71 and feeling stronger and fitter than ever. So please do not be fearful of your GP - it is YOUR health and unless he is private you are paying his wages :-) I have learnt so much from the knowledgeable people here ....

Drinking LOTS of water helps the blood flow more freely :-) With the Private Testing you can choose your method - either finger prick or from someone doing it for you.

Please ask if there is anything we can do to help ....

Strange to me that the NHS is prepared to pay for so many other tests - like the ones you have mentioned - and yet they do not do a FULL Thyroid profile and save themselves a stack of dosh .... saddens me ....

You deserve the best possible treatment 😊


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