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Endo this tues - advice on test results pls

Hi there

I'm seeing the endo for first review since starting T3 only 3 months ago (I'm hashimotos)

Latest bloods are

TSH 13.7 (0.27-4.5)

T4 1.46 (12-22)

T3 4.19 (3.1-6.8)

I've read through some old posts regarding what tsh detects in the blood, t3 or t4, but can't get my head round the science at the moment.

Symptom wise I'm not quite right, my headaches got better when I started t3 but they return with my period. My 3pm temp which I've been taking for the last week or so has varied between 35.6 to 36.5. I think I am still under medicated but just wondering what endo might say to these results as t3 is 'normal'. Forewarned is Fore armed and all that!

I haven't been able to increase dose myself as did not have enough in the prescription

Would appreciate any advice or tips on questions to ask

Thanks in advance


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Have you got the decimal point right in he FT4?


Yes I'm on t3 only since Sep



You are very undermedicated to have TSH so high and FT3 is low in range. Most people taking T3 only will feel well with FT3 in the upper third of range 5.5-6.8 and TSH will usually be low or even suppressed <0.1.

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How much T3 are you taking? Are you taking any T4?

Bloods seem to show under medicated.

Should FT4 be 14.6 ?

I read your other posts, so realise you know vitamins are crucial. Have you retested recently?


T3 only since sept, hence t4 is low. Just had bloods done last week vids and minerals, will get the results on tues


T3 only since sept. I'm on 20mg (10mg to start), endo gave me prescription for 4 mths, no instruction to increase (as I have since found out we should) and haven't been able to self increase as not enough on the prescription.

I thought under-medicated too so endo should increase prescription I think, was concerned she would focus on t3 being in range although low end, although that says I know how much they focus on tsh


Why would you not add some T4?

If on T3 only usually dose is much higher


Was on t4 100mcg for 10 yrs no problem, things went haywire a year ago, huge hyper symptoms, tested for Hashis at my request, Hashis confirmed, referred to endo as doc didn't have a clue, came off t4 last Dec, as it was making me feel so bad, jaw tremor/pain, huge headaches, teeth chattering, aches and pains, tsh rose. Went back on t4 in jan, tried to increase to previous dose but couldn't get past 50mcg without same symptoms occurring so took myself off it, expecting to have a row with my endo and self medicate but endo put my on t3 only in sept. I've since found out I have DIO1 genetic mutation which is also involved in t4 to t3 conversion, so might be a factor.

All remaining symptoms disappeared within a month of starting t3 only, but reappear when periods arrive and been a bit up and down since then.


Most of the hyper type symptoms are often due to low vitamins

Yes I am DIO2 heterozygous

But now making great progress on T4/T3 combo ( more info on profile)

Different T3 brands give me very different results on exactly same dose. Morningside Healthcare is best NHSoption I have tried

Periods - suggests progesterone might be involved

Perhaps Vitamin D may not be high enough?


interesting, thanks. Am waiting for vits and mins results, previously all have been good not just normal, but had to push doc to repeat tests as they haven't been done for a year. Ferritin has been low for a couple of years (around 20) despite good intake and supplementation, never been able to get to bottom of that one - don't have gut issues or eat gluten.

I'll look into progesterone, I know thyroid, adrenals and sex hormones all linked, PMS is definitely worse last few months, esp anxiety/irritability.

It's just one big jigsaw puzzle, the gift that keeps on giving!

Thanks for all your help, we'll see what endo says tomrw


How much T3 are you taking now?




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