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Buying T3 from the UK


If anyone could please send me a private message for sites I can buy T3 from I would be grateful. I've spent the morning trying to chase up my endo appt with the NHS and I'm still not getting anywhere, so looking to self medicate. I'll have a good idea then within the four months of waiting for my endo appt on whether it works for me. Thanks in advance!

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I'm sorry I cannot help you, as I have never heard of any site in the UK selling T3 without a prescription. If such a pharmacy exists, I am sure others will be able to help you.

However, have you considered ordering T3 from other countries...?

Hi, I'm looking for any sites I can buy from abroad. I'm based in the UK, so as long as they ship here, that's fine. 😊

Those who have information will respond by Private Message as no information is permitted on the open forum of where to access prescribed medication. I will close your post so that information can only be sent by PM.

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