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Advice about medication after GP appointment.

Hi all,

I posted here last week for advice before my GP appointment which was last Friday. I have been on 50mcg Levo since early October. My latest blood test is below:

Serum TSH level 1.64 mu/L [0.35 - 4.94]

Serum free T4 level 19.2 pmol/L [9.0 - 19.0]

Above high reference limit

In the actual appointment things went badly. I asked for an increase in the medication due to the symptoms I am having trouble coping with. These include back pain, intolerance to cold, frequent sore throats and colds that don't clear up severe brain fog and lots of others. The GP was not interested in hearing about my symptoms she was completely focused on the high FT4 result. I was refused an increase and then she tried to reduce the dose down to 50/25 on alternate days. I had to plead to be left on 50mcg. I asked about maybe testing my FT3 level but don't think it seemed like she understood what this test is.

I mentioned about getting my TSH to under 1 and was told that it would affect my heart and lead to arterial defibrillation. I have a healthy heart as far as I know.

I need some advice on what I can do now as this GP is not helping me with medication and I'm going to dread going back even more now when she doesn't seem to know what she is talking about.

I am trying gluten free and taking supplements but need some advice about the medication side of things. I really can't afford private blood tests at the moment. Would an Endocrinologist be any use?

Please could someone give me advice on my next steps please. Thanks so much for reading.

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Did you take the Pulse article by Dr Toft, that Clutter mentioned on your last post, to discuss with your GP?

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Your vitamin levels are key to being able to use the thyroid hormones you are taking, only then will you be able to increase dose

Vitamin D is very important. You say it was very low in March but don't appear to have been supplementing in any significant amount

Vitamindtest.org.uk £28 postal kit

Ferritin, good level is also essential. Can you ask GP to test

Folate, are you taking folic acid? Or vitamin B complex

B12 - your having injections so levels should be high enough, as long you are getting often enough

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Thank you Seaside Susie,

No I forgot to bring the article. I will try to remember next time. She said to come back in 2 months. I was wondering about trying to find a better GP or is it going to be more of the same with any doctor.

Thanks Slow Dragon. My Vitamin d was tested again in July and that had risen up well. I am taking a 5,000 strength D3 tablet on alternate days.

My ferritin was recently tested at a Gynacology appointment so I'm still waiting for that result.

My folate in October

Folic Acid Assay 7.6 ug/L 3.1 - 20.5.

And yes I am looking to buy a good B complex with Folate so if you or anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateful.

I am now on B12 injections only every 8 weeks so I am starting to self inject.

I realise my ferritin level could be a problem so I have started taking the Gentle Iron tablets again too and hopefully the blood test result wont take too long.

I'm just wondering how I can continue going to a GP who basically tries to talk nonsense to me. I'm not sure I've even felt any better since been started on the Levo.

Thanks for your replies.


Just buy methylfolate for now to get your folate up to half way in range. Then you can just buy an decent quality B vitamins - or even use nutritional yeast to balance the Bs. Don't forget to take iron a few hours away from anything else so it doesn't stop other vitamins and minerals from being absorbed

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When my folate was very close to the bottom of the range, I used Thorne Basic B, one per day, and in 2.5 months my level was at the top of the range. It contains 400mcg methylfolate.

Are you taking D3's important cofactors, particularly K2-MK7 (directs extra uptake of calcium to bones and teeth and away from arteries and soft tissues) and magnesium (helps D3 to work).


If you are a meat eater, add liver to your diet. I raised my ferritin from 35 to 119 over time by eating one meal of liver per week, around 120-140g. Other iron rich foods apjcn.nhri.org.tw/server/in...

Endocrinologists who specialise in thyroid are like rocking horse droppings, very hard to find! Most are diabetes specialists and have little idea how to treat thyroid disease. Many of us have been bitterly disappointed, but if you're thinking of it then email dionne.fulcher@thyroiduk for the list of thyroid friendly endos then ask on the forum for feedback on any you can get to.

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Thank you Angel of the North for your advice. I have been taking the iron with Vitamin C at lunch and the other vitamins at dinner time.

Thanks Seaside Susie. I will have a look at that B complex because I do need that when self treating with Vitamin B12 as I have PA also. That's great it doesn't take too long to raise.

Yes thanks I am taking the co-factors for Vitamin D3 I think you advised me before in another post so I take all those at dinner. THat's great about the liver I will have to look for recipes that have the liver in a dish maybe as I don't like the taste or texture. Maybe I could put it in a casserole. It would be good to get the ferritin level up. I'll have a look at the link for other foods too.

The only reason I have been thinking of the Endocrinologist is because the GP is being pretty unhelpful. I don't know if my levels are even that bad to warrant a referral. I was thinking of phoning around GP practices trying to find a better GP but what could I ask?

I will get the list anyway but I thought you can't name doctors on the forum or is that ok?

I will buy the B complex now and thank you for all the help.


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