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Am I going from hypo to hyper?

Morning All

Was diagnosed with being hypo in sept and still trying to figure all this out.

Those with hashinotos or that have been overdosed how do you know you are becoming hyper?

I ask because last few days I have been feeling more thirsty which I find odd as its winter. Today I have needed to have a bowel movments more frequently and urgently but they are not loose ( sorry tmi) . And can’t put my finger on why this could all be happening except my thyroid.

In oct

Tsh: 1.79 mu/l (0.27-4)

T4: 19.1 pmol (12-22)

Tpo: 42iu/ml (0-50)


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I don't know the technical answer to your question but I've had bouts of being terribly thirsty and found I had raised blood pressure which was temporary. I felt overactive and my FT4 was raised above reference range although I had not altered my meds. I do not have raised antibodies. I suspect it's something to do with insulin function as Hba1c was raised to very top of range. I am very slightly overweight. I've gone onto a low carb high fat diet and cut out gluten, lost over a stone in weight and have had no problems since.

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There is a correlation between T4 and T3 levels and Insulin Resistance.

There is a small range of thyroid hormone which keeps blood sugar and insulin at healthy levels, but both too much and too little thyroid hormone will cause blood sugar problems.

The reason we see that much overlap between too much and too little is because thyroid reference ranges are too broad and anything that fits within that range is considered normal.




You were not overmedicated in October as FT4 is within range and TSH isn't low.

TPO is negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).

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