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Hair loss

Never seen this explained before but it makes sense. Was looking at reviews for shampoos and this came up, Makes sense with Hashis

'Inflammation is the actual biological process that makes the hair follicle shrivel up and stop producing hair - so even if your problem is DHT related, or genetic hair loss, or stress hair loss - they all in cause inflammation, which then causes the hair loss (among other diseases). '

In case anyone is interested Taoist soap came out on top for dealing with inflammation (scalp or skin) but its an arm and a leg to buy lol. Alpecin came second and although can cause dryness (as if we don't have enough) its not too bad.

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The only shampoo I can now tolerate is Dead Sea Spa Mineral Magik,recommended for scalp psoriasis.Over the years since my scalp became ultra dry & itchy I have tried many shampoos.I use their hair mud conditioner often, leaving it on for several hours before rinsing it off.If I am not using that I slather my wet hair with aloe vera gel bought by the kilo on Ebay.It leaves my hair stiff,but brushes out well next morning.

Adding T3 to my thyroid replacement medication using liothyronine & latterly NDT has really helped the inflammation & shedding,but I think my hair follicles are now dead,leaving me with very thin hair.If my ears didn't stick out I'd crop what's left.


Yes I do believe it helps to get our medication right. And adding zinc to my supplements has helped too - I think.


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