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Should I increase or wait

Wondering if I should increase T3 or T4

TSH 2.24 (.47-4.68)

T3 2.5 (2.2-4.2)

T4 1.0 (.47-4.68)

Ferritin 34.0 ( 6.0-264.0)

B12 661 (239-931)

Folate >20 (>3.0)

Dr has increased my iron but feels the rest is good. Still suffering energy, vision very blurry and went to eye doctor who said everything looked normal, some brain fog but tons better and horrible hair loss still. Only been on T3 for 3 weeks so not sure if it will continue to raise.

Tironsit T4 25mg

T3 10 mg each once a day Thank you for any experience you may share:)

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Hi Lori, you definitely need to increase. Your TSH is too high and your FT3 and FT4 need to be a lot higher...in the upper part of the ranges. Doctors are failing us when it comes to recommend this. Your Ferritin is also way too low. Your T3 will probably not come up any further at 3 weeks and doubtful that 25 mgs of T4 is going to do any more for you as well. With your ferritin being so low I wonder if it will even convert to FT3 as it should. I would try to increase your T3. When you take both T3 and T4, an average dose would be 25mcg T3 and 100mcg T4 and you are well below that. Of course people take different combinations if it suits them.


If you are taking T3, your free T4 might only be around 50% of the range which is fine if Free T3 is in the top quarter of the range. I'd raise both T4 and T3 as you are on a tiny dose of both of them.

Your ferritin is also much too low, so you need to be taking iron tablets


Thank ypu, i will discuss further with endo. Your tome and care is much appreciated:)


That's tiny amount of T4.

You probably need to increase both, but best done separately

Need vitamin D tested too

Ferritin is too low, eating liver once a week as well will help


Thank you for your thought and time:)


Your Ferritin is chronically low and will be giving you the symptoms of hair loss and lack of energy. My top tips for taking iron is to make sure you take it a couple of hours away from your thyroid meds as it can interfere with them. Also take it with Vitamin C - either in orange juice or Vit C supplement as this improves the absorption of the iron and makes it more gentle on your gut. It can take quite a while for ferritin levels to improve and then it takes a while after for the symptoms to change so be patient. I had low ferritin and when levels were getting higher the hair loss slowed down and then I had new growth.

Getting this level higher will also help your thyroid to function and for thyroid meds to get used in the body properly.

If you are getting a retest after taking the iron I think it is recommend to be off iron tablets for 5 days before the blood test. This means that the test is showing what ferritin is actually stored.

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Be sure to get a complete iron test including transferrin saturation before supplementing. Low T3 can cause low ferritin, so increasing your T3 can improve that. Don't make the mistake my doctor and I made: After supplementing and eating iron-rich foods based on my very low ferritin, I am now in a toxic HIGH iron state despite still low ferritin.


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