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Vitamin D may help prevent rheumatoid arthritis, suggests study

Although possibly more directly and obviously relevant to Rheumatoid Arthritis suffers, the frequency of low vitamin D here is such that it is just as important here.

We also still have the difficult questions about those who are unable to tolerate supplemental vitamin D - even the fundamental reasons for this seem unknown.

Vitamin D may help prevent rheumatoid arthritis, suggests study

Higher doses may be needed, or possibly new treatment that bypasses or corrects vitamin D insensitivity, authors say

Maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels may help to prevent rheumatoid arthritis, according to researchers.

A study led by the University of Birmingham compared the ability of immune cells in blood from inflamed joints in people with rheumatoid arthritis to respond to the so-called sunshine vitamin.

The experts found tissue that was not diseased responded well to vitamin D, suggesting it could be effective at preventing the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, which affects more than 400,000 people in the UK.

The vitamin proved much less effective once the disorder was established, suggesting much higher doses may be needed in combination with other anti-inflammatories such as steroids.

The study’s co-author, Prof Martin Hewison, said the results had significant implications for people in the UK.

“This is a particular problem within the UK population where almost everyone is going to have vitamin D deficiency, but it’s a particular concern for people with inflammatory diseases,” he said.

“How much vitamin D is needed to overcome that [disorder] is the missing piece of the jigsaw. It’s not going to be the same as is needed to prevent rickets.”

Rest of Guardian article here:


Full paper currently freely available here:


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I'm wondering if this is one of the reasons UVB works well for psoriatic arthritis. My friend's symptoms improved greatly after having this, as well as giving her a very good tan!

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That is an interesting suggestion. However, UVB does appear to have many other possible pathways of action, so it needs to be properly investigated.

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There was a post a while ago, or something I read, stating vitamin D reduces inflammatory response in autoimmune diseases, though no idea what the source was. Better something that simple than all the drugs that fail. :)


We are just solar powered :)

Hope you don't mind me adding the NoS link to Vit D document (booklet) here....



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