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liv 20/11/2017

Im new to this site but thought after reading some of the posts i could relate to it. I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid gland in September. I was feeling very weak joints and muscles aching way before i knew i had bloid test and my gp thought it waa vitamin d deficiency but no tests came back hyperthyroidism. I lost nearly 2 stones in all weak listless tremors heart palpatations and burning up at night time as well as insomnia. Its been a long drawn out illness if you call it that and ive been off work with it. Getting stronger as I have been given 20mg of carbimazole after initially having 5mg which didnt touch me. Does your body actually get back to normal after all of this?

weight not complaining but i know its not good losing weight this way.

hopefully im on the mend.

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I had your symptoms and was diagnosed as hyper about 10 years ago. I was put on medication and it took 3 months to get back to my normal self and I then came off the medication 6 months later... now 10 years later I have now been diagnosed with hypothyroidism ‘under active’! I do miss the days of being skinny now I battle to lose weight! Look after yourself and change your diet x


Thankyou for your reply really helpful so dosent the thyroid just go back to normal? dont like the idea of hypo neither of them to be honest.


Sounds as though you are on the mend, although you'll probably be on medication for at least 12 months. They will either begin to reduce (‘titrate’) the dose once your thyroid levels are in range, or else will keep the dosehigh, but prescribe thyroid replacement in parallel for a while to give your thyroid a chance to sort itself out. You should be having regular blood tests, to check the medication is working and that you haven’t overshot the ‘normal’ range.

The symptoms are par for the course, but they will probably improve surprisingly quickly as the Carbimazole takes effect.


Thankyou really helpful i do feel like im on the mend which is good but still very stiff in the legs and muscles if sitting to long.


meant to say my range was hitting 37 was told it should be around 19 last check was 26 so far good

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