No one is listening

I'm feeling quite like I'm being ignored. I feel tired and a little bit sick. Last month went to endocrinology doctor. Test have come back 0.42 TSH. Free T4 16.8. That is normal, but I'm feeling this way been off work this week. Docs putting it down to Gynaecological, I do not it's my neck 2 years ago I had a myacardial infarction due to my thyroid. I also had bleeding at the time through fibroids, however the fibroids are being shrunk by prostap. Please can anyone help with advice. Prostap helps with stopping my bleeding didn't want a hysterectomy as the small heart attack scared me.

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TSH 0.42 and FT4 16.8 are euthyroid (normal).

You might do better to find a gynae site which can advise about fibroid and Prostap.

Thanks but I really don't feel bad because of my fibroids it's my neck in the area where my nodule is. I get inflammation a lot.


Have you had an ultrasound scan of your thyroid?

Not since Feb 2017 looks like I won't get one cos I've been discharged last month from endocrinology after 2 and half years. In 2006 I got discharged from that dept only to go back in 2015 now discharged again.

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