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Looking for some advice

Hi Guys,

My dad has hashimotos disease. He's been on thyroxin for over 20 years now. Thyroxine is no longer working at a safe level. The Drs won't raise the dosage because of the impact it's having on his heart. My dad has recently retired and has become very poorly again, like before he was on thyroxin.

Are there any other options? Any foods, natural products that can help him as at the moment he's just asleep all the time and in pain 😞. He's only 66 and pretty fit.

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Is your Dad addressing the Hashi's by adopting a strict gluten free diet and supplementing with selenium L-selenomethionine 200mcg daily to try and help reduce the antibodies?

Are his vitamins and minerals at optimal levels? They need to be for thyroid hormone to work properly so he needs the following tested

Vit D




and if ferritin is low he'll need

Iron Panel

Full Blood Count

What are his latest test results - ideally TSH FT4 and FT3? Can you post them with their reference ranges.

What dose of Levo is he on?

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Hiya thank you for getting back to me.

As far as I'm aware all of this has been checked. He was on a very high level and it has had to be reduced due to a heart murmur and the thyroxin affecting his heart.

At the moment his diet is very poor due to not wanting to eat and just being asleep all the time.


If you post the results, with reference ranges, we can see if there are any problems. If they were checked and he was told they were OK, that just means they fall somewhere within the range, some doctors even say they're OK when they're out of range. But they all need to be optimal which is very different from just being within range.

And what is his current dose of Levo? Reduced from what?


I don't have that info I'm sorry. I'm working away at present. All I know is he isn't going to get any better, unless we find ways to help him. His levels are affected and the low dosage has given him symptoms of serious pain in the abdomen as well as blood in urine.


Blood/protein in the urine is often a sign of thyroid patient. My now thankfully retired GP arranged for me to have a camera. The hospital couldn't understand why but did the tests anyway and gave me a clean bill of health.


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